From the heart

Four black teens in Philadelphia with nothing other than weekly tranpasses and opinions. Still, the criticism and general interpretation seem to change from day to day regardless of aforementioned teens consistency.

Whatever. We're not doing anyone some terrible injustice, and we don't claim to be changing the world or enlightening the folk beyond belief or recognition. Credences, food for thought, images, a few laughs here and there, and opinions are all that we can offer you. Whether you choose to accept or decline, you are here, as are we, daily.

To face the rain or sunshine, parade or riot, cookout or Saturday detention..We ride Septa.

- Til' the very end, Nya Ari, Samir S, Trent XIII, and Hez

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Due for Love Benefit Show: Mission Statement

You and I are both due for love.
The fact that neither of us struggles for a meal makes us due for love.
The fact that we might go here and there to half heartedly chase an education that others would kill for makes us due for love.
The fact that you are able to read this without consequence or struggle makes us due for love.
But what does it mean to be due for love? In America most of us live and are free solely to pursue happiness, to chase
our dreams. What we forget is that everything that has been bestowed upon us (clothing, money, education, brilliance, creativity, and talent) are gifts from
whomever above it is that we choose or neglect to praise. Regardless of race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation, we are all due for love.
Being due for love stretches past the borders of any One Country, and any one Person.
Everyone is due for love because, there is always someone in need of love.

As we are loved, we must love our brothers and sisters near and a far. Being due for love does not mean to become a martyr or a saint, but to DO what one can.

Pay your dues by reaching out a helping hand, by offering words of wisdom, by donating to just causes, by standing up for what is right.
Tomorrow isn't promised, the next hour isn't promised. We are due for love NOW.

What will you do for love?- Lucid Epicure

The event

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cats & Dogs

I can't bring myself to bore you with pictures of new sbs, or videos that you're sure to see somewhere else a thousand times. But at the same time writing something long, that might be seen as insightful doesn't seem too appealing right now either.

I'll do it anyway.

Without a doubt some of you won't feel so nostalgic about your high school memorabilia, that's understandable. High school wasn't a great place for everyone but, I feel as if it is something that everyone should experience. Grades Nine through Twelve are really a blur to me that becomes clearer towards Junior year. Most things that I pride myself in knowing, about people, life, and relationships comes from these past four years. Some say that it's because our teenage years are the most impressionable but, in a different environment, not necessarily education oriented I wouldn't have learned as much.

Think about it for a minute.

Being thrown into a building with some 2400 other students, from different parts of the city, something is bound to happen. Being in a classroom with just Thirty of these people, for any span of time, leaves you with no option but to learn. Whether I lamented it at times or beckoned it towards me, it happened. Every person in my grade alone held at least two mindsets, learning styles, social abilities, social disabilities, religions, cultural agendas, etcetera, etcetera.

Was I lucky? Does everyone have the same learning experience in high school? Or is that type of education only given in schools where the student body is not segregated? Not from each other but, from those not living in their immediate neighborhood. In Philadelphia at least, the only people who are spared from this type of seclusion are the ones who attend magnet, or private high schools. But at the same time I feel slighted because part of the learning experience is lost because, (we're) still not interacting with every type of person in our generation unless you include the bus stop.

Are "Feeder" high schools a product of convenience or casualty? Because it seems as though entire neighborhoods are taking losses. Obviously the government cannot mandate private affairs but, when the best schools in the city are almost equally matched by the feeder high schools in the surrounding suburbs one has to wonder.

I feel like we're losing as a generation, the generations before us have lost in some respect as well. Not everyone is guaranteed a college education, therefore they're not guaranteed cultural, religious, or any type of understanding in the world other than that which is right in front of them!

The breeding ground for ignorance is where one is bred, period. Nature tells us the same thing. A wild cat, and wild dog would tear each other apart in the wild.Whereas, a dog that has been taken out of the wild and domesticated might (but is not guaranteed to) get along with a domesticated cat.

Clearly there's a difference between human and animals but I hope that my simile (metaphor..what have you. I'm losing what I've learned in English already) wasn't lost on anyone.

Is it a problem at all? Some argue that animals shouldn't be domesticated to begin with. But what if the root of all wars, cultural battles, and hate in general is misunderstanding? What then?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nya and Hezekiah Present: The Guide to Facebook girls

Welcome young, faithful, hopeful, lustful, inneedofsomething reader. You are here for one of two reasons. To either A: learn how to get them e-ho's for a second time, or B: Find out what type of 2:24 am nonsense goes in with specific parts of the WRS family. A or B you will not be dissapointed friend.

Have you ever logged unto facebook to no little red notifications at the bottom of the screen? It's a heartbreaking feeling, is it not? Have you ever taken a quick glance at your profile only to notice that the only female writing on your wall on a consistent basis is your aunt, reminding you that statuses reading "I just want to fuck every girl in the world." are not appropriate? It does damage to one's self esteem, does it not? Finally, have you ever added a young lady only to find out that your best friend is a mutual friend of her's, and that she comments his pictures regularly? It kind of makes you want to screw face a nigga, does it not?

If you have answered yes to anything above, than this guide is for you.
Part one: The Mutual stranger.

It happens to all of us but it got you by the heart. You were nonchalantly scanning the homepage in search of a familiar face, your eyes slid to the right, and your heart stopped. Inside of the tiny box in the upper corner, was a beautiful face. Underneath it read, "She doesn't know you. Add her anyway". So you did it. Three months, and forty visits to her page later, you've still yet to say anything. The only things that connected you were the seven mutual friends in the middle left. At parties you would see her from afar, you were only there because you had seen that she'd replied as "attending" to certain events. You'd half approach her several times, and maybe give her a meek "hello", and when you'd walk away, head down, she'd whisper to her friends about that weird kid from facebook who she doesn't actually know.

Fear not cuh. There is only one way to deal with mutual strangers, aggression.

Step one: Use mutual friends to your advantage. Before the add, you must do some investigating. Open up your aim box, and talk to that mutual friend, or two. Find out if she is actually an e-ho. If she is not, than do not proceed to step two. Instead, ask that mutual friend to suggest an e-ho. Facebook is not always so reliable with their suggestions.

Step two: Once you have confirmed that The Mutual stranger is an e-ho you must begin getting buzz. Now, be warned getting facebook buzz is not easy. It requires a lot of typing, and a lot of luck. First, write on that mutual friends wall, mention something that you are probably not actually going to do, but sounds cool. Next, add a friend of hers, preferably one who isn't all that attractive. Once the request has been accepted you really only have to do one thing, use the like button to your advantage. The Like button will be your closest friend during this entire guide, so prepare to use your mouse.

She posts a profile picture? You better like that shit. AND leave a nice comment, "I like your style! : )" even if you don't. Does she post a status saying, "He don't des3rv3 m3. Wa!t!n f0h my pr1nc3.", you better like that shit too. Say something about how yes, you men are scumbags. Any female who is scanning their mini-feed and happens to come across this particular status or photo that you've commented on will see how unlike other males you are, they will add you too. Their boyfriends will also add you because they will want to see just how you have the internet going nuts. This will get you buzz and e-ho's for many days to come.

Step Three: Hopefully that last step got you enough buzz to have the chosen Mutual Stranger comment on something that you've said. Now, you have every reason in the world to make this mutual stranger, just a stranger! You've come far. Now you get to add her.
Part Two: The Friend Request

You worked very hard to get to this point. Actually you should be very proud of yourself, you've made a new friend who will end up benefiting you, and you've finally worked up the courage to add the once "Mutual Stranger". But don't let that confidence get to your head just yet, there is now very little room for error. Everything from this point on has to be precise. We, Hezekiah and Nya are your friends and would not steer you away from the goal. Trust in this guide and everything will be fine. Carry on.

Step one: Type her name in the search box as you have 137 times before. But this time instead of salivating over her pictures we ask that you press the add as friend button. Careful, we know that the add personal message option is tempting but you will have to refrain. It turns out that most people are not generally receptive of, "I have been watching you for awhile and have schemed in order to have a chance at you accepting this add. I love you, be my e-ho.". Just send the request, no extras.

Once you do this, there is really no going back and if you are not willing to follow the steps proceeding this one, do not bother. You see young reader, if you half-ass any of these steps, not only are you a pussy but, you will have a mutual stranger, as a friend, and she will likely think to herself when she see's you "whothefuckisthiskid?".We do not wish that upon you. Follow the guide.

Step Two: Assuming she accepts the add (which she will because you've got more buzz than a bee hive now) you have to wait a few days to make your move(s). Since you now have full access to her page, take a look around. Press that info button, see what she likes. Once you have memorized every song by all of her favorite artists, rented seasons of her favorite shows, and have studied her religion you can than choose to post a link. We find that a link to a music video (with lyrics written above by you) is always a good option. Choose a love song, we like "Nobody" by Keith Sweat. She is not guaranteed to comment this or "like" it. Carry on still.

Step Three: Sit at your computer for 26 hours straight. This seems drastic, I know. But you must memorize the times that she gets online. And also what she generally contributes to the feed. Once this has been done, you have earned yourself some rest. Go to sleep.

Step Four: After you've rested for approxiamately Eight or Nine hours you wil need to get up and go back on the computer. Since you've now memorized her facebook habits you really don't have to sit there all day, go get a drink. You deserve it at this point. However make sure to be at the computer 5 minutes before her regularly scheduled sign on, and 5 minutes after.

Step Five: Now exactly 3 minutes after she signs on, you're going to have to facebook IM her. Be chill about it though cuh, nothing throws an e-ho off like a "hello". You see a "hello" differs greatly from a "wassup girl". Assuming you've picked a TRUE e-ho, she's going to want a "wassup". "Hello" says I'm willing to just be a friend who you talk to occasionally but find creepy on the low. If you use hello, she is guaranteed to ignore your ass a few times. You use hello when you are following another guide, not this one. Now that you have internet buzz, you have to radiate that We Ride Septa steez.

Step six: Cut right to the chase cuh. If she's going to be your e-smut than there really cannot be any beating around the bush. After she responds to your opening line, have a chat about school, work, whatever. Once that has been done you let her know that you expect her to join all of your groups, make you fan signs, like your pictures, and like your statuses. If she says no, than she is not an e-ho. Start again from Part one. But if she says yes than we have served you well. Congratulations cuh, you are officially gettin them e-ho's all crazy.

Technically you should be done. But there are always those who have to play on the far side of the park, these next few steps are for you. If you're really trying to make this girl your girl in real life than carry on. But be forewarned and we say this in all seriousness, you are wasting your time. Nothing lasts forever, your e-ho is guaranteed to cheat on your ass at least once, and you are guaranteed to cheat on her at least three times. Take our word for it, don't even bother with statistics.

Come on cuh. You're still reading? You're really trying to wife her, marry her? Here's a statistic for you. The leading cause of divorce is marraige. But if you wish to waste months of your life, this next part is for you.
Part Three: The enormous waste of time that is also known as establishing a good friendship that will unfortunately, probably, lead into a Relationship.

You are selling your soul by doing this, you know that right? Say goodbye to freedom, say goodbye to callous statuses like "I'm into having sex, I'm not into making love.", say goodbye to your money, say goodbye love from other random e-ho's. You're willing to give it all up? Girls who have followed this guide in reverse, this goes for you too. You are actually about to give up your life. Say goodbye to your friends and family now.

But cuh, it's not too late to exit out this page and go to a lesser blog, go, read something somewhere else that has already been done a thousand times. No? You'd like to stay and see what we have to say even if you have no intentions of actually following it? What? You said you'd rather do that than read something else? Oh, ok.

We're smiling and, it does add to the collective ego that makes WRS. But know that we do not want you to actually want you to follow the next steps, we want the best for you.

Step one: After you've had a nice aim conversation that begins with a "Hi, I'm sorry for adding you, you just stood out so much that I couldn't stop myself.", your e-ho (We'll try to stop calling her that) will probably write something along the lines of lol, even though she isn't actually. In all honesty she probably barely chuckled. But that's ok, everyone does it. After this pretend as if you're talking to customer service. Be very slow and deliberate, she might not understand you. State your intentions, tell her about something you and that mutual friend plan on doing (you haven't run this by him yet but, you will), invite her. If she says yes, than you're in. If she says no, than there is nothing that we can do for you.

Actually if she says no, this reaffirms what we said earlier about wasting your time, it's bound to happen. But, if she somehow said yes than carry on.

Step two: Once you've finally got her out you have to find a way to ditch your mutual friend. Setting up something with him beforehand is ideal, pay a nigga off if you must.

Step three: Now that you have her all alone, you have to take her shopping. Wait, no. Take yourself shopping, and buy her something. This is good because it will show her that you're not afraid to spend a little bit of money. She doesn't have to know that everything you've bought for yourself you plan on returning later

Step four: Once she has been Wowwed by your spending skills, take her out to eat. Preferably to Sushi. Why? Because every female likes sushi, and if Nya says that it is true, than it is. Before you go out for the sushi watch an online tutorial on how to eat with chopsticks so that you don't end up looking like a douche. There's a good chance that she doesn't know how to eat with chop sticks either, so teach her.

Step five: Talk about things and people on facebook. Make witty commentary on how no one truly cares what rap song or car one would be if they were not a living, breathing, human being and, about how it goes against good english to be a fan of "I love summer". Also, be sure to make observations about life in general. I'll give you a few to start; five pocket jeans really only have four and a half pockets, Dr. Dre isn't really licensed to do anything, how people who say ard instead of alright also tend to dress the same and act the same, and anything else remotely funny that comes to mind. By this point she will be thinking "Oh, so cool, so witty. I've been looking for this nigga my whole life.". You can't read her thoughts, just trust us, she's thinking it. In fact, whenever you look into her eyes she's thinking of ways to get you into her bedroom. Yup.

Step six: Once you get home, mark your territory. Hook the webcam up, log into facebook (where you're guaranteed to have at least 47 little red notifications just because you have buzz now), and go to her page. This is the hardest part, you're going to have to sing her a love song. One that isn't too deep and intimate, but gets the point across and doesn't make you look like a fool. Actually, choose a rap song, with a nice melodic chorus. We like "Shake that ass bitch" by Booty Bass. Don't look at the lyrics before you do it, just do it. After singing and incorporating a slight shoulder bob, cut the music off and say "I had fun today babe, let's do it again sometime".
That is all the help we can give you. If you can't get the girl after following this guide, than you probably are not meant to be dating or e-smutting anyone. Every single piece of advice that we have given you is full-proof and we would know, we tried everything ourselves. Nya and Hezekiah got buzz and e-ho's,trust.

Mr. Adedoyin will give you a log of his e-ho accomplishments very, very soon.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

"Despicable me"

It is summer time. Come September (August for some of us) we'll want to remember the beach, parties, miniature vacations, and late nights. So forgive me if I'm a little bit negligent with We Ride Septa. The closest I've been to Septa in these past few weeks was when I almost got hit by the train coming home from a friend's house (believe me, it's easier to do than you'd like to think). Still, I apologize but, I am not willing to change until maybe Monday..Or Tuesday.

In the mean time (unless of course you only frequent WRS when nothing better comes to mind) you should go out and do something regrettable, make some money, or fall asleep and dream about doing something regrettable, or making money.

Your options are vast and possibly limitless so I insist that you go out and discover them. In the mean time here are some things that I find to be aesthetically pleasing, and will not be able to afford in the next few months.


Thursday, July 16, 2009


Maybe you were able to guess from my post entitled "The sky is Black" but, I have not been having the greatest Week. And between treating myself to some retail therapy by spending entirely too much money online and going to work to drown my sorrows in quiches and other fine pastries, I generally only listen to music. Unless of course, you count the nightly runs to WAWA and the few people who have been unfortunate enough to have been subjected to my now perpetual frowny face.

All jokes folks, I am fine, I still know how to smile. And most importantly I am not on the verge of suicide or even liquid emotion.

However I was not lying about the music, eating, or spending too much money. While ignoring the rest of the world for the most part I've made myself prisoner to Cd's, and my notebook. Not so much a prisoner as a guest who's overstayed their welcome, though. And while in captivity I was often visited by a lovely English quad, The Kooks.

True I've also been visited by my darker friends, Tupac, Lenny Kravitz, Lupe, The Tribe, Anthony Hamilton, etc, etc. But I must say that I enjoyed these visits the most, cherished them even. They came with musical gifts like, naive, ooh la, and always where I need to be. I never turn down a free gift and I suggest that you don't either. Thanks to such endowments I enjoyed my capivity so to speak. Free to write as much as I pleased and lose myself amongst the heavy lyrics and sounds of the guitar.

..Unfortunately when you are a prisoner by your own request there has to come a time when you are freed by reality. That date has come and I am back, to work on the barbeque, to begin preparation for my departure, to deal with things I'd rather not, and to essentially return to the world of normally functioning beings. Fantastic.

But in the spirit of Re-gifting, this is for you.

ooh la from ESLA on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lupe x WRS

Made this shizz acouple days ago on my lunch break at work

Iphone FTW!!!!!


Monday, July 13, 2009

The sky is black

Some days you just wake up and become the scum of the earth. Despite your attempts to wash, put on something clean, and mask it all with a smile. Somehow the rest of the earth just seems to think that you're the villian, even if they've only read half of the story.

On these days when you wake up and can't find a face that seems to understand or is willing to listen for more than five minutes, the only option left is to sink into the abyss hidden deep in the crevices of the mind and not emerge until both heart and mental cavities are replenished.

Of course, the dismal "sky is black" , "woe is me" mentality will not work for everyone. Believe it or not I tried it and was only able to cry like a bitch and lament living for all of twelve hours.

So, in the pit of despair, loss, and thought out, heart aching descions I decided to do my favorite thing and compile a list of things that do not suck.

1. Checkers fries

2. Being completely honest with yourself and others.

3. Soft t-shirts

4. Stiff jeans

5. Jeans with holes in the crotch and fades on the pocket

6. Big paychecks

7. Having a sister to drive you around and listen when others don't have the time to

8. Barbeques

9. Planning barbeques

10. My Nikon

11. My tripod.

12. Spending over $600 and getting it back within 36 hours without returning anything

13. Getting rid of old clothes and shoes

14. Buying new clothes and shoes

15. Hewleus Prime

16. Virginia State University

17. Twitter

18. Lenny Kravitz and Lupe Fiasco

19. Admitting that Death of Autotune is no better than most songs

20. Zoe Saldana

21. Placing the word cuh in every sentence, cuh.

22. The Best I ever had video

23. Theophilus London

24. People who like watches because they tell the time

25. Rainy days

26. Macs, I wanted one too.

27. Not victimizing yourself.

28. Black and white photographs

29. A dime, that's top of the line, cute face, lil waist, and a big behind.

30. Nya A. Tindal

31. Speaking in third person

32. Pursuing happiness

33. Dov

34. Chill co-workers

35. Leaving your phone on silent in the bottom of your duffle bag

36. The duffle bag that the bul Hez gave me

37. Black and Milds flavored like Wine

38. Saying "fuck it" with all intentions of doing just that

39. Naming lost causes

40. Nike and Vans

41. Pharrell Williams

42. Overpriced backpacks

43. Overpriced anything

44. Buying overpriced things because you're young and don't have to care yet

45. Finding money

46. Dancing on cars

47. Wawa

48. Daria and Falon in Falon's car

49. Samir Sharif and Tyler Perry

50. Stussy hats

Wishlist for the rest of my life. (It's Short)

1. New Mac desktop computer.
24-inch screen, of course. Life'll just Be so much easier. I'm shouldn't have to explain why, It's a Mac! (I'm currently a "PC", Shout out to Helius Prime!!)
Estimated Price: $1,500 (..Yeah)

2. A Nice Spiffy City-bike.

Not really a specific model in mind. But, I need a bike to get around. To reduce driving short distances (for when I start driving. lmao), and just another way to avoid riding SEPTA. 'Cause like Nya said, "We ride SEPTA, but that doesn't mean we like to."
Estimated Price: $700

3. Ibanez Ambiance Acoustic Guitar.

This will mark the beginning of my life once it's in my possesion..
I can't begin to explain all that can be done once I have this - this thing here.
Estimated Price: $500

4. Upright Piano: Yahama P22 of the "45Professional Collection

This is the big shabang. Last on my Wishlist because it's definately gonna take the longest to get. And I'm not going to get it until I have my own place anyway. :D

Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's Only Right

Hard work is a concept that most are not used to or comfortable with. Being different is frowned upon. Spending countless nights creating creativity is far too uncommon. Following trends is the norm. Leading originality seems to be impossible in Philadelphia. We do not have much besides Cheesesteaks and Sunnis. Ralph Santayana is looking to change that.

It's a movement, It's Only Right.


Coming soon.

Saturday morning love........

Woke up early this morning to pick up these shits. Can't help but love jordans.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Fuck what you heard

Hurtin' feelins' since 1993/2005

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dear Virginia

Dear Virginia,

You make me nervous but at the same time I hope that there is a beautiful future ahead of us. So far I can honestly say that I like you a lot although, I don't want to rush into anything. Prior to getting to know you I had thoughts of leaving you and I admit that sometimes I still do. But this past Tuesday you showed me so much love, love that I had only seen once, in my past relationship.

With Philadelphia I didn't ever see the sky at night, there was far too much negative air for any of that. But Monday night you showed me the first stars I had seen in awhile, so I really do think that there is a spark between us. Again, I'm not sure if I wish to get serious just yet. Forgive me if I seem to carry emotional baggage. Leaving something that you've known for so long is hard. You should know that, you've been left before. Wow I didn't mean to come off so abruptly what I meant to say was I know that you've had history with Pharrell, Chris Brown, and Michael Vick but, the fact that they're A-list, while I'm Z-list fails to bother me. I know they drive in them fancy cars..But look, I can ride you on my handle bars. I hope that sounds appealing to you. If it doesn't I can always buy a car a few years up the road, I'm just not ready for one right now. Yes Virginia, I'm a little bit immature.

And I hope that you can learn to love me and everything that I offer. Maybe I'll take pictures of you sometimes, maybe I'll teach your kids how to be sarcastic and to wiggle their ears. You'll have to deal with my bullshit too. I like to wear obnoxious things, colored pants, denim that hasn't been washed in six months, hats with profanity across the side, shirts that make no sense unless you stop and actually think about them, silly accessories. I will probably spoil myself more than I'll spoil you, maybe you can learn to live with it. Maybe you'll grow to love that fact that I put N.E.R.D and Keane on repeat for hours at a time. In return I'll forgive the fact that you won't make me Cheese steaks, or surprise me with an over sized pretzel every now and then.

What do you say? Let's give it the ol' College try!

Hopefully, Nya

P.S. I'll see you in a month, counting down the days!

P.S.S. Here's a reminder of our time together this past week.


So I am sure that I may be the last person in the world to actually listen to the infamous Scott Mescudi, and boy have I been missing out. A while's while back, my friend Max was telling me about the musical genius of KiD CuDi, but I just ignored him as usual, even saying that S O U L J A Beezy satisfied me more than that guy who sang the song about Days and Nights. I do not even know why I was completely opposed to him. I guess it is just my nature to try and go against the grain, which is not always necessarily a good thing.

Well about two weeks ago, I realized that my iPod needed a make over. I was tired of listening to the same Cassidy freestyles and Notorious B.I.G. songs (very great lyricist by the way.) My pal Joe Doan was able to help me with giving me 562 songs to listen to, some old and some new, and rarely do I need to skip a song as it is on shuffle. From Blu & Exile to Beanie Sigel, American Terrorist to Doomsday, Cudi to Mos Def, it's all great. I normally don't like saying I have favorite songs because it changes so often, but for now, I can say that I have listened to Cudi Get A LOT in these past few days, real rap.

Lately I have been quite bored in real life and even more on the internet, but the other day I remembered a site that my African American History teacher showed us. Courtesy of, enjoy.









Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Samirs Top 3

I have some kind of love with all my sneakers but if I had to break out my top 3 it would be these.........

3. 101_1299

2. 101_1296

1. 101_1294

Notice how the top 2 were jay's.Gotta love em.

And oh yeah for tribute to my favorite baller of all time and favorite performer of all time(other than James Brown) I took this picture for my Iphone background......feel free to steal it


Sunday, July 5, 2009

I get goosebumps when the bass line jumps

Researchers fabrication or not, my ADHD causes me to be in a constant motion. Needless to say music means a lot to me. Depending on the day, time, and my mood I might be found nodding my head, tapping my feet, creating a drumset out of forks and knives on the table or be lost to a complete state of convulsions, gyrations, robotic fluctuations,ticking reverberations, undulations, or rhythmic spasms and what have you. In short, I like to vibe out. "Wyle" out if you will.

What's movement without sound? Dancing with no constant beat is like getting a ride from a friend who is always late, or coming down the steps in the morning, groggy eyed, to find out that your favorite cereal is stale. You can do it but, it won't be enjoyable. So finding the perfect artist, album, or internet radio station to vibe to is like discovering a crumpled twenty dollar bill in your pocket on the way to buy a gift. When there is nothing of importance on the mind and nothing but night in the sky, that is my job. Finding music not limited to lyrical substance or sex heavy hooks.

The quest to find a happy medium has yielded such results

Michael Jackson


Tracks of note: Rock my world, Say say say, In the closet



Tracks of Note: She wants to move, You know what, Anti matter, Don't worry bout it



Tracks of note: Creator, lights out

Lenny Kravitz


Tracks of note:Lady, American woman

Damien Marley


Tracks of note: Beautiful, Born to be wild

Groove Armada


Tracks of note: I see you baby, Drop the tough



Tracks of note: Electric feel, Weekend wars



Tracks of note: We fight the love, Vivrant thing

Chester French


Tracks of note: I'm so tall, C'mon

Justin Nozuka


Tracks of note: I'm in peace, Mr. Therapy man, Why

Yeah yeah yeahs


Tracks of Note: Maps, soft shock, Down boy


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Forty- Nine

I hope this entertains all.

1. My name is Hezekiah O. Adedoyin Jr. Me and my dad share the same name.

2. The "O." stands for Oyekanmi, and I honestly just learned how to spell it on Tuesday whilst filling out a W4 form.

3. I often don't put forth the effort, to life.

4. "Land of milk and honey with the swirls, Where reckless naked girls get necklaces of pearls." I still don't know where the Villain is talking about.

5. Smart Guy is the only reason that I watch BET.

6. I've been to the movies more this summer more than I have been in the last 5 years.

7. Chris Brown should have been on the BET awards as Michael Jackson.

8. A lot of people ask me why I am so nice, and I simply reply "My parents." They are the nicest people I know as much as I would not like to admit it.

9. Whenever I get sad, I go into my closet and listen to The Strokes and Paul Simon

10. I love the sport of basketball, but compared to many others, I do not play as often as should or like to. That has to change.

11. I do not like pictures of myself, except for when I was a baby.

12. There are two pictures in my wallet, one of me as a youngster, the other is of my friend Elizabeth. They are the best pictures.

13. The Best I Ever Had video is better than the Death Of Autotone video. The idea is just better.

14. I have to make a conscience effort to not eat Mcdonalds, Burger King and Wendys.

15. Sadly, I don't really party, in any sense of the term.

16. For about a six month stretch, I didn't like girls, I only liked one.

17. After visiting Chicago, my best friend Quran and I realized that we were "losing."

18. I dislike hearing people use the term "Hypebeast" because 9/10 times, it is just the stove calling the kettle black.

19. Thanks to Anna and John I've been wearing J. Crew a little bit.

20. I miss ERROR PHL a lot.

21. The new show South Central on TVone is so funny. I secretly leave my TV on the channel and hope that it is on whenever I get home

22. Science camp in 8th grade was the best experience of my life.

23. I used to think I had a diverse sense of music, until I realized that outside of rap, I only listen to one artist from each genre pretty much.

24. "If ya baby says no then just throw her out the dooo
And if she still says no then slap that, yo
No need to please her
Dont hesistate to dump the sleeza"
- Cold Dog

25. DIP SET and for life.

26. What I really want more than anything is to have a nice relationship. Everything else falls short.

27. I hate that a majority of the youth my age look the same.

28. I caught up with a great friend yesterday, she used to be one of my best friends, we need to be best friends again.

29. I lie a lot about harmless things to show that a lot of people lie about important things.

30. And He Gets The Girl is my favorite Lupe Fiasco song.

31. I am not nearly as happy a person as I used to be.

32. I don't know why either.

33. My idea on fashion changes almost daily, some days I will love sneakers and streetwear, on others, they'll make me sick.

34. Most of the items that I buy are not for myself.

35. I was talking to my homeless friend, turns out that he is getting a job and finally moving off of the streets and into an apartment soon. That's love.

36. I made tons of gel, while "working" during science camp and I still have some left.

37. My glasses are real, sorry to all who thought they were fake.

38. I used to try and make my away messages on AIM relate to my mood.

39. Meeting new people is always a pleasure for me.

40. I am half Nigerian.

41. Paul Simon is the smoothest.

42. I used to think that sneakers would be my top obsession during the high school years, but it was too hard to keep the passion when only three other people that I chilled with cared about the same stuff as me. Philly for the loss.

43. Beanie Sigel is the funniest rapper to me, his abbresiveness is unrivaled. Philly for the win.

44. I listen to playlists on Imeem whenever I lay down. The playlists are mostly either Paul Simon or MF Doom.

45. I said "Yizzerp" for the first time in a while on a boat a few days ago, and Shanika, the waitress, turned back around and asked me if I needed anything. True Story. It was great.

46. Whenever I look at tv shows or movies from the 90's, I look for as many Jordan brand products as I can. I.E. in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the main kid had a Jordan VIII (I'm not 100% sure it was VIII) hat on.

47. Half North Carolinian also.

48. I have reason to believe that we both will be recieved in Graceland.

49. I am a proud, strong Negro American woman. Word to Max Ho.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Sneak Peek



It would only be right for me to tell you that if you are not in Philadelphia during the end of July, you will be missing out a fantastic benefit barbeque.

Plan accordingly.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


It is currently 3 am,nevermind what the bottom of this post wil say. Despite my fear of the dark I am outside sitting on the steps. I just wanted to see how long Hewleus could hold that internet connection. He never fails. Insomnia has never been a problem but, seems as if having conversations (short and meaningless as they may be) with a certain someone always leaves me restless, untouchable or not. But as long as I am out here it would only be right to do something equally aimless.

Fifty facts about yours truly

1.My government name is Nya Arielle Tindal.

2.I took the liberty of shortening it for creative purposes.

3.As much as I hate sneakerheads, I really like sneakers.

4.California and Jamaica are my favorite places.

5.Through my experiences I now believe that love is a foreign concept, and can only be truly understood when both parties are willing to sacrifice in order to comprehend.

6.I also think that love is selfish.

7.Pharrell influenced my purchase of Hewleus Prime.

8.I have more than 50 t-shirts, I don't wear a lot of them.

9.My apc's are a work of art, I can't bring myself to wash them.

10.Maxwell is the only r&b artist that I would not download from the internet, because his lyrics are actually worth money.

11.I download a lot of mixtapes but do not have a musical device.

12.Writing a poem or thought of substantial length and depth makes me happier than I would be if I were to bag three in a day.

12. I made the term "bag three in a day" up. It means to garner the attention and cell phone digits of the preferred sex, in a timely manner, with solely sex in mind.

13.Nya Ari can bag three in a day. Nya Arielle Tindal can bag two in a day. Nya A. Tindal breaks the bag.

14.The funniest thing that (I think) I have ever said on twitter was "imcudi is rookie of the year.not aubrey graham from degrassi.yeah,it goes there."

15.No one ever understands my tweets. That is how it should be.

16.My Mom didn't want me to have my camera, she fought really hard against it but, my Dad said that Eighteen was too important to not receive a gift worth remembering.

17.My Dad is the Man, he looks Cuban.

18.In face to face conversation I like lying to see what I can get away with

19.My most noteworthy have included "I'm asian." "I used to have a dog." "I have over 100 pairs of sneakers"

20.When I lived in New Jersey I stole a pack of sour patch kids from to see if I could get away with it, I did.

21.I liked my last two years of High school more than I liked the other eleven years of school combined.

22.Most of my friends are overachievers, I write and take pictures.

23.Mt. Airy is amazing to me and better than the entire state of Connecticut.

24.When I learned that people from Chicago actually read this blog I smiled harder than I had that entire day.

25.Some days I eat, and other days I am so busy that I forget to.

26.My busy days consist of playing with my camera, writing, and smoking.

27.Smoking is something I fell into, and said that I would never do.

28.I am more likely to buy a homeless man a hamburger than lend my brother money.

29.People who borrow money, don't pay it back, and get offended when you call them out on it make me grind my teeth. At least homeless people never say that they'll pay you back, and don't do it.

30.The way that people handle money, and treat their mothers can also tell you a lot about who they are as a person.

31.Sometimes I say things and later put quotes around them because I think I'm incredibly witty or intelligent.

32.The only blog that I check consistently is The Sartorialist.

33.Lupe Fiasco is the man.

34.Driving around with one person and doing nothing but talking is more fun to me than going to any party.

35.I have nothing against parties.

36.I jerk better than you do.

37.Often times I wonder whether I'll be able to stay entertained down south.

38.Anything South of North Carolina is like a foreign Country to me.

40.When I'm bored at the bakery I talk in a New York accent to the customers.

41.My favorite pair of shoes are my desert boots, I wouldn't be surprised if people started hopping on those too. I couldn't blame them.

42.Watches are interesting to me, I plan on having a lot of them

43.Hats are interesting too, although my Papa says that I am selfish for wearing them.

44.Like most people, I am right handed.

45.My friend Dar once spoke to Diggy from Run's house. He's a real prick for such a young guy.

46.I talk to hear the sound of my own voice.

47.Being opinionated is code for judgemental to some. Either way I worry about myself more than I could ever worry about any other person.

48.But, homeless people really touch my heart.

49.I am still outside at is is 4 am.

50.I give you kudos if you've read all of this.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009



In a lot of ways I am one of the worst types of people that you will ever encounter. There are the self-centered, the clueless, the bigots, the snakes, the type-A personalities, those deemed strange, those who choose not to bathe on a daily basis, the anti-social, the cowardly, etc. Included in the et cetera category would probably be those deemed acquisitive beyond good health or normal standard. That would be me.

I can't sugar coat it or disguise it with it's synonyms like "penurious, possessive, niggardliness, etc". Basically, I am a greedy muhfucka and accepting of the fact. It has always been important to me to have at least $50 in my wallet. Pockets really, since I was only ten or eleven when the avarice began to take over. But that's a lie too. The first sentence that I ever put together was "Me- Nya.".

Snow shoveling, car washing, lemonade stands, dog walking, house cleaning, tutoring, selling clothes, selling sneakers. As time carried on (like it has the nasty habit of doing) my work ethic was rewarded with a steady payroll. Summers consisting of odd jobs turned into Ten hour work days and cash at the end of every week. The Months in between were plotted by academics and wasting life at The Metropolitan Bakery. Unhappy and unsatisfying as it might have been, it was money. Money is money regardless of origin, right?

Although I am sure that you are intrigued beyond belief by all of this background and personal information, I am getting somewhere with all of this, I promise.

There is a place for all of us. But the specific location or title is not as important as whatever sentiment and knowledge is gained or lost during the given traverse. At Eighteen years old I am finally with a job that I can be proud of and can honestly say that I would work with or without pay. That's quite the leap from the money hungry soul that I have been in the past, with little under a decade beneath my working belt I've come to realize that when you finally get paid to do something that you love, the only work that's left to be done is showing everyone who you are, and exactly what you are about.

Clearly I am not finished with my education (since my parents just paid for a full year of college) but, being able to photograph subjects, for a good amount of wherewithal has definitely opened up my eyes to things that went unseen prior to. As far as life's plan for me go, I have options.

In my perfect world, Marvin Scott Jarret would appear before my very eyes, at this very moment, and beg me to write and photograph for Nylon. But, until that happens my only priorities include manifesting this particular entity, and enjoying my life while continuing to build upon my skills.

Belittle my accomplishment if you feel the need to but, as of now, in my own mind, I am untouchable.