From the heart

Four black teens in Philadelphia with nothing other than weekly tranpasses and opinions. Still, the criticism and general interpretation seem to change from day to day regardless of aforementioned teens consistency.

Whatever. We're not doing anyone some terrible injustice, and we don't claim to be changing the world or enlightening the folk beyond belief or recognition. Credences, food for thought, images, a few laughs here and there, and opinions are all that we can offer you. Whether you choose to accept or decline, you are here, as are we, daily.

To face the rain or sunshine, parade or riot, cookout or Saturday detention..We ride Septa.

- Til' the very end, Nya Ari, Samir S, Trent XIII, and Hez

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What went wrong

This song is basically a joke to me and my friends so here you go.TThe video's not bad but the song makes me smh.


Jim Jones: "Nana Na Na Nana" from Toaster In The Tub on Vimeo.

Samir S

John Legend-Everybody knows

Everybody Knows from ColRec on Vimeo.

Take a look at 2:45,it's alllll love.
John Legend is the man.

Urbandictionary's definition:

the man;
a person of highimportance
You finished that test in 20 minutes? You're the man!

.N ari

Monday, March 30, 2009

Two weeks in review

Right below the chit stickers that I've been placing all over the city and school like mad, you'll see my college acceptance letter.Fuck yesss, Virginia here I come. The detention and punishment routine of Northwest Philadelphia is getting very tired very quickly

This weekend I got a little bit wallet happy. My incase backpack came, though it wasn't the one I ordered I'm still happy. The one that they sent me costs $20 more,so I ain't trippin'.

The fundraiser party stressed me out to the point that if I was under the influence of something, than you really cannot blame me. This isn't a confession, but if I said or did something out of character than I apologize profusely. In the end the fundraiser was a huge success, we raised $4000 in total and after the dj,snacks, and venue expenses the amount going to charity will be $2500.Yeah, the party was about to be shutdown because we surpassed capacity. Yeah, my mom got on the stage and ruined my life. And yes, I couldn't walk or think straight..But hey, I don't regret a single minute of any of it.

We might just win the fundraiser category at conference this year.

.N ari

Friday, March 27, 2009

Tribute: Spike Lee

Spike Lee Pictures, Images and Photos

This is just a tribute to my favorite director of all time. From Do The Right Thing to Inside Man.....this dude is the truth. Plus the fact that he did the jordan commercials back in the day showed his acting skills and artistic talent......the man has his own shoes, hats, shirts.....hes an icon from where i stand, so thats it he's the best, no doubt about it

Samir S

Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Tabi Bonney-Rich kids

From "dope".

What a clever album title..NOOOOT.

.N ari

"It's all love."- Tyler J.

.N ari

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I'm always right,but she's always right(er). I want to sit in the front seat of her Mercedes Benz, and "dj" the radio (ipod) for the entire ride when she needs to concentrate on the road so that she won't hit something (I'm sorry,that's not funny). One of my new close friends, and President of Jack and Jill Philadelphia Chapter, Kalia Baker. Yeah, we argue like an old married couple but only because I adore her in some bizzare way that I can't even begin to understand. It really wouldn't be fair for me to expect you to get it either.

­ Kalia Nicole

Maybe blogspot will become the new facebook? Just a funny thought.

.N ari

I think that a lot of great photography is a combination of skill and luck. Yeah, a more expensive camera helps, but it doesn't guarantee a better photograph.Without any knowledge of composition and what have you,pictures from an $800 camera can look like they came from a $96 Kodak. For example, we were looking over photographs for a character contest in my photography class and the best pictures were taken with a regular slr film camera (color film). I might give my nikon a rest for a while and start shooting with the Vivitar film SLR that Samir let me borrow once I get some color film. I really liked the results that the girls yielded, and she bought her camera on ebay for $25.

.N ari

On repeat, all day

Angel - Pharrell

She's in my dreams when I sleep. When I wake she's gone so I weep,she's an angel. She's the girl I want to share my dreams,she's an angel. I don't care if she can't fly over things,she's an angel. I don't care if you can't see her wings. Watch her flyyy,yeah. Muh fuckah.

.N ari

Monday, March 23, 2009

Mr. West

At this point I guess one would consider this pipe riding,oh well.

Click the picture anyway

.N ari

A "mellow" reflection on things

I was reading an article the other day on Journalist's and how their opinions (and/ or reflections) always seem to come off as the only opinion (reflection) to have...I took a look back at my posts and it seems as if that is the case for almost everything I've written, which is mildly entertaining I guess. So, to add to the entertainment I'm going to try the mellowed out approach. I'll warn you beforehand that this will probably suck, and bore you out of your mind. Since it will most likely be nothing but my personal life which is characterized by me not being so mellow.

Let's see how this turns out?

I really wish that I had my camera cord.Over the past few weeks I've taken some amazing pictures which will probably end up being compiled into one post. I have a bunch of things to post to lookbook, every morning I take a picture of what I'm wearing.That's probably really weird too..
It amazes me that I take more shots on my freetime than in my photography class. Ironic? I think so. I also think that more time is spent writing papers and being lectured than learning about much of anything. Just my two cents.

The sneaker that I've wanted since the 8th grade came on Saturday, which is fantastic and probably the best aspect of my weekend. I won't spoil the surprise so you'll have to wait for me to retrieve my camera cord. My lego heart came on Thursday and I figure that if I wear it everyday I'll feel a little less foolish for spending so much on it.

As Vice President of the Philadelphia Chapter of Jack and Jill, I am obligated to tell you that our party is going to be a huge success and that you should really come through. If I weren't vp I'd tell you the same thing, it's a fantasic cause and nothing is in the way of it being a great party. We've sold a lot of tickets already, Lee G is djing, and that's all I have to say.

Friday Samir and I went to the Montgomery chapter's fundraiser party, Saturday I went to a sweet sixteen for a girl in my chapter.I won't say much about them because I'm biased.Partying really isn't my thing anyway, I guess I'm more of the pull them ho's from the side type (lol,it was getting a little bit too mellow) so I wasn't thrilled about going to two parties in one weekend. It looks like they raised a lot of money though (which is excellent), and the birthday girl was happy. So I'm happy.

Sunday I woke up and went to church at 6:45. I think that I was probably asleep up until the sermon. Which was amazing because it correlated perfectly with a situation that I was forced intO later that day. Basically the sermons message was,"Flaws are the easiest to see in someone else". That was my interpretation of it anyway. God works in mysterious ways.If I hadn't have gone to church yesterday, and gone through the same "altercation" I might not have stepped out of it, taken an hour or so to think about things, and realized that nothing that was said even matters.Not to me anyway.I don't consider anything ruined or tainted. My Sunday ended up being superb, topped off with grilled mushrooms, rice, and grape kool aid.

On a less mellow note, I will never understand why a teacher with a degree in anything would let her class be taught for Three quarters of the school year, by a student teacher. The word bitch is very appropriate in both cases. And if they both were to spontaneously combust I can't say that I'd be terribly surprised, or the least bit upset.


I can't say that I considered that fun or enlightening.

We ride Septa, not volkswagons.

.N ari

Sunday, March 22, 2009

By now everyone knows that Kid Cudi doesn't plan on making a solo album. It's dissapointing because I feel like he's giving up for a reason that isn't really a reason,his "friends". I don't claim to know anything about the personal life of Kid Cudi, or his so called friends, but I feel like what they say shouldn't matter. And maybe they shouldn't be saying anything at all, considering how well he is doing, with one video.A friend that can't respect the fact that their friend is moving to a different stage in their life,might not be a friend at all. Yeah there's always going to be drama, no matter where you go, be it hollywood or the backwoods..But quitting isn't going to stop any of it. Look at me, blogging about him. If anything this will only create more buzz about Kid Cudi. There's no escaping it, and it's a shame because hip hop needs new faces, and new sounds.

Oh well, looks like it's up to Trent Dunlap.

.N ari

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dream team-Cement 3's

I love the fact that most of my favorite artists collaborate.

My rapping dream team would consist of Mos def,Kanye,Common,Pharrell (well,he could sing),Talib Kweli,Consequence,Kid Cudi,Mr.Fiasco,and Tupac (Yeah..Tupac).Dante Basco,Lemon, and Nikki D would do a lil poet's intro on the album. Scratch that. I would do the poet's intro and outro. They could be my hype(wo)men.

.N ari

Nike huarache light bursts-cool grey

I wonder where I was when these came out. Looks like I'll be working continously for the next few weekends.

Maybe I should stop browsing the web? There'd probably be a significantly larger amount of money in my bank accounts.

.N ari

Rules of thumb

I write down things in my notebook that I've found to be true and helpful in almost every situation. The list is actually about two hundred "rules" deep so you can imagine that I don't feel like typing all of it.

Here's eleven.

1.Nothing in life is free.

Except for Rita's on the first day of Spring (this friday!)

2.If someone gives you a compliment..Take it.

I thought that I was being nice today and said to someone,"just because you look nice today doesn't mean that (insert what I actually said here).She replied with, "WHAT?I look nice everyday."...Clearly I think otherwise.

I would chalk it up as an ego problem..But I thought about it and if you have to let me know that you "look nice everyday" than there's an insecurity issue up there.

3.We are opposable.

Haha..Get it?Thumbs..opposable?


4.Raising your voice does not make you sound smarter.

In fact it probably lessens the chance of your point getting across. My Dad has tried to tell me this numerous times, but I never actually listened until I noticed it in my daily life.

When two people are having an argument,who's side are you more likely to take?The one with the hair flying all over the place,and the finger in the "victims" face. Or the "victim" who is most likely just standing there,stating their peace calmly?


5. Have respect for yourself.

The phrase "There's nothing to lose.." isn't always appropriate. Even when you're found wanting, you still have your self respect (in most cases). If the guilt or regret is keeping you up at night, than chances are it is not worth losing your dignity for whatever it is that you might gain.

In my opinion nothing is equal in value to pride.

6.Apologize only if you mean it.

This is probably not a really good rule,but I follow it because an apology doesn't do much good to either party if there's no feeling behind it.

Am I right?

Sidenote:You're not the "bigger person" if you have to tell the other party that you are the said, "bigger person". (E.g."iiight I'm gonna be the bigger person and apologize to you first").

7.The world doesn't care about your self esteem. (Bill Gates)

"The world won't care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you to accomplish something BEFORE you feel good about yourself. "

8.Say what you mean and mean what you say.

God didn't give us speech so that we could be misinterpreted. Speak in order to be understood. Words wouldn't be wasted so often if everyone said what they meant in the first place.

Unless,of course,you feel that you are entirely too complex to be understood by anyone. In that case you should just be quiet,and blog.

9.(In general)Individual definition's of love can't coexist.

Arguments over what "love really is/means" are not worth delving into. Everyone is going to have a different understanding and opinion of love and what it is until the end of time.


Some disagreements can go on forever and ever and ever,this is one of them.

10.No matter who you are (rich and famous,or slightly paid and nameless), there will always be at least one person who has a problem with whatever it is that you're doing.

Changing in order to appease one person (or even three people) is senseless.Think about it,if you change there's still going to be another person in the future who will more than likely be unhappy with your lifestyle as well. As cliche as it sounds, "DO YOU".

11.We ride Septa should be the first thing that you check everytime that you get online.

I think that this one goes without saying.

.N ari

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Question of the day

What kind of demon would ever possess you to pose in your underwear, for myspace?

.N ari

...That is such a serious question.If someone could answer it for me it'd be greatly appreciated.

These myspace guys don't love you,Tom doesn't love you, and if neither of them love you..I can assure you that these myspace girls don't love you either, nor are they jealous of you. You are posing in your underwear on myspace. If you can't do it for the respect of yourself, than do it for the respect of your parents..Or jesus,or Tom or something.

Monday, March 16, 2009


..Time to work some extra hours.

.N ari

Something to believe in- Aqualung

Something To Believe In - Aqualung

Before I go anywhere in the morning (or afternoon on somedays,depending on what time I've woken up) I wash my face, brush my teeth, struggle to put my jeans on, grab my tiny (almost nonexistant) juke phone, and turn on "Something to believe in" by Aqualung. This is one of the most tantalizing songs I have ever heard, and one (lonely lonely) day last year in FYE my ears were blessed by this. I have listened to this song everyday since, and have yet to grow tired of it. Everytime I listen I notice something new.That is the epitome of a beautiful song my friends. So guide your cursor to the source of the loud rap music on the left,and press pause,than direct your cursur back to the right and unto the play button.

Listen!Listen!Listen!Everyday if you must.

.N ari