From the heart

Four black teens in Philadelphia with nothing other than weekly tranpasses and opinions. Still, the criticism and general interpretation seem to change from day to day regardless of aforementioned teens consistency.

Whatever. We're not doing anyone some terrible injustice, and we don't claim to be changing the world or enlightening the folk beyond belief or recognition. Credences, food for thought, images, a few laughs here and there, and opinions are all that we can offer you. Whether you choose to accept or decline, you are here, as are we, daily.

To face the rain or sunshine, parade or riot, cookout or Saturday detention..We ride Septa.

- Til' the very end, Nya Ari, Samir S, Trent XIII, and Hez

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Chit sale

The sale:11/29/08-12/01/08
One tee for $15,
Two for $25.

"Out of basement" sale so email me at if interested.

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.N ari

Friday, November 28, 2008

808's and heartbreak

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This is a year of amazing CD's.And just as I'd hoped,this is nothing less than phenomenal.I'm really not a fan of the "voice" but the lyrics,instrumentals, and overall feel overpower the entire t-pain shit (Nothing against t-pain). The lyrics on close to every song had me thinking for hours,this goes deep and I love it.If I could get away with it,I would sincerely quote close to every line in serious conversations.Like I said, the instrumentals are also noteworthy,they're nothing that I've heard this year thus far.Heartless,Coldest winter,and Love Lockdown could not have prepared me (let alone anyone) for this.

With mouth,eyes,and ears wide open I insist that you buy this,or put it on your christmas list.

....except Samir,cause he's Muslim.

.N ari

The events of November 28th

Mighty Material.
My bad.

.N ari

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just a suggestion

questrentMARC (8:49:42 PM): well he doesnt want to be anal about it
questrentMARC (8:49:57 PM): i understand. i dont like being anal about money either
ny get m0ney (8:50:10 PM): im extremely anal about money
questrentMARC (8:50:22 PM): that's cuz you get it
questrentMARC (8:50:31 PM): well idk why exactly
ny get m0ney (8:50:32 PM): So shouldn't i be less anal?
questrentMARC (8:50:48 PM): yeah in a logical world
questrentMARC (8:50:55 PM): it just depends on what you value
ny get m0ney (8:51:11 PM): my values are solely monetary and romantic
questrentMARC (8:51:22 PM): like me, i dont really walue money
questrentMARC (8:51:29 PM):
questrentMARC (8:51:40 PM): what does monetary mean
ny get m0ney (8:51:46 PM): money/material
questrentMARC (8:52:13 PM): ooh
questrentMARC (8:52:38 PM): yeah. values arrrreee:
questrentMARC (8:52:47 PM): self expression
questrentMARC (8:52:59 PM): and being happy and sure about urself
questrentMARC (8:53:10 PM): comfort*
questrentMARC (8:53:12 PM): that too
ny get m0ney (8:54:39 PM): sometimes i wish that those things took precedence over 90% of my thoughts..but i wouldnt be me if they did
questrentMARC (8:55:11 PM): yeah. exactly
questrentMARC (8:55:28 PM): own your values and manifest them into your everyday life
ny get m0ney (8:55:54 PM): get paid get laid
questrentMARC (8:55:56 PM): yoo everyday people tellin me my life is wrong
ny get m0ney (8:56:06 PM): or get paid..get laid by someone you like
ny get m0ney (8:56:06 PM): there
questrentMARC (8:56:20 PM): yeah
questrentMARC (8:57:39 PM): and if anybody got a problem wit that. then they can go somewhere cuz they not you
ny get m0ney (8:57:47 PM): yeah!
questrentMARC (8:58:03 PM): when it's your time. YOU gon die, nobody else. just you
questrentMARC (8:58:20 PM): so nobody else should try to manage your life an shit


Live by your own creed.
Or by sayings that you find on hats.

.N ari

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They carry:

Hellz Bellz
The Hundreds
Dime piece
10 deep
Married to the Mob

.N ari

.N Ari

Saturday, November 22, 2008

sickest pack of them all


Don't know the release date yet but these are heat and I think jordan's just scisin me.....

Samir S

Friday, November 21, 2008

Music that made my week

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(Download Everybody knows,Quickly, and I love,you love)


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(Download The way she dances,Backseat love,Maybe,and Chariot of fire)

The first CD is fairly new and excellent. I don't want to describe it because I honestly don't have enough words to.I'll try anyway,there's something for everyone (The heartbroken,the loners,the lovers,and the regular ass people).Kanye is on it (gasp!) as well as Brandy,Estelle, and Andree 3000. All that I can say is that this is an amazing cd.

The Second cd is a classic. I can't really expand much on "classic" because that says it all. A lot of people don't care much for this CD since it is considered one of N.E.R.D's "transitional albums", and some couldn't figure out what sound they were trying to produce. In any case, this is my one of my favorites.

.N ari

and honestly you should really BUY both albums.

Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones

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Al-Qaeda never ceases to amaze me with their hypocrisy. In February they supported Barack Obama,now it's November and they are calling him a house negro.What I can't figure out is how they can accuse Obama of betraying his "muslim brethren" when they arrange for their "muslim brethren",women, and children to be killed everyday via suicide bombing. The fact that they call Obama's promise to move troops to Iraq a "doomed failure" is laughable..Because this is coming from a group that is running all over their OWN damn country in order to avoid capture.If Al-Qaeda were the force that they claim to be, they would have stability and power in their regions. With that being said, their accusation of Obama being the enemy of "honorable negros" is irrelevant.

"Honorable negros" (I didn't know we still called ourselves negros..) wouldn't approve of the murder of thousands of innocent people annually either.

.N ari

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thoughts after witnessing some intense racism

Race, what is race?
how does this make us different?
is it the color of my skin?
the sound of my voice?
the food and drinks i consume?
is it my heart and soul passed down from years and years ago?
am i who i think i am?
am i who i think i am?
am i who i think i am?
or am i just an average man?
doing average things
living an average life
or is it an above average, akunamatata kinda lifestyle
is it right to scream "im black fuck that"
and throw my middle finger to the sky
you say fuck you to god and he surely will fuck you up
thou shall not steal thou shall not judge
is race in our heart or is it in our blood
these veins dont contain chicken grease
its the same as the man thats invading the middle east
what makes us so different
this border must be burnt but one side wants it and the other corrupts it
take it as you will
take it how you please
love your brother and yourself
you shall never be in need

Samir S

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Don't you hate it when

Grown ass men come on to Fourteen year olds...Than get mad when they get played,"Oh.Well you ugly anyway."
-So why did you wanna talk to her in the first place?

Waitresses don't want to actually wait on you,,"Yeah,I could tell you the sodas we have...But that would take awhile."
-Guess you can't help me after all.

Young men can't give up their seats for older women,"..."
-Come the fuck on.

The security guards make me take my hat off,"The hat Ms.Tindal"
-This is actually more of a personal issue.

People (and I will not specify which gender) dress in a sexually suggestive way,and get mad when grown ass men (see pet peeve #1) make suggestions.

...and try to say that they dress in such a way because it's comfortable

Bloggers don't post for a week
-....My bad

.N ari

Sunday, November 16, 2008

bloggin aint gangsta????

Awhile back I was watching 106 and park and T-Pain said that bloggin wasnt i decided to prove that top hat wearin mark wrong lol

Representin for them gangstas all across the world

WORD!!!!! lol

Samir S

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Emphasizes every aspect on the Electric Factory concert (minus the drunken white girls).It was an amazing show if I haven't said it before.So,if you weren't there for whatever reason..This is for you.

.N ari

Monday, November 10, 2008

Triple 5 soul;The tech backpack

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Yes,I've got a love for big strappy bookbags.I want this shit so bad but at the same time,it'd be stupid of me to buy because even if I put all of my books from the past four years in it..I still wouldn't be able to fill it up.

.N ari

Sucker Free city

This is one of the more recent Spike Lee films, and if you know me you know that I follow Spike Lee like a member of a cult.It's based on the different types of criminals in San Francisco and how they are connected.This movie really isn't for the faint of heart and it left me disturbed and perplexed to be honest. Regardless, I've added this to my list of the dopest shit ever.

Rent it,buy it,or netflix it if you get the chance

.N ari

el oh el

One of Chris Brown's little dancers,I thought this was cute.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


I recently found out about dope couture and thought id put yall suckas down with some new flyness




Samir S.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes we can

I can't even begin to articulate what is going through my head.However I'll try to express some of what I am feeling/thinking.

1.We are no longer a minority-By numbers maybe, but as thinkers and believers..No we are not.

2.The recession will recede in due time.

3.I am hungry as shit.

4.Our President is an African-American.

5.Through the odds and with an amazing campaign,we did it.

6.Hope will not be seen as audacious sometime within the next four years.Hope will be a word that dominates the heart and mind.

7.Guess they'll have to call the sled for Palin soon

9.I skipped eight and

10.Barack Obama has violated John McCain (349-189)

"Change is here"

.N ari

November 4th

Voting is a right endowed to everyone over 18.

So please,get out and vote.

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and let the issues be the issue.

.N ari

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The line that bothers me to no end

"You don't know me."

Well why can't everyone be themselves,24/7?

.N ari