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Four black teens in Philadelphia with nothing other than weekly tranpasses and opinions. Still, the criticism and general interpretation seem to change from day to day regardless of aforementioned teens consistency.

Whatever. We're not doing anyone some terrible injustice, and we don't claim to be changing the world or enlightening the folk beyond belief or recognition. Credences, food for thought, images, a few laughs here and there, and opinions are all that we can offer you. Whether you choose to accept or decline, you are here, as are we, daily.

To face the rain or sunshine, parade or riot, cookout or Saturday detention..We ride Septa.

- Til' the very end, Nya Ari, Samir S, Trent XIII, and Hez

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gilbere Forte: I'm so appalled

Video credit: Jerome White

Gilbere Forte' - I'm So Appalled (Official Music Video) from Jerome White on Vimeo.

There's a lot of talent in our pretty little city...So much that it can be overwhelming if you happen to stumble upon it all at one time. I'll do you a favor and introduce it gradually. I wouldn't want your death on my hands.

Gilbere Forte
"Lyin to the frats that you used to sell crack. Them pockets full of money from ya mama's income tax."

Cee lo Green: Fuck you

Cee Lo Green - Fuck You (Official Video) from acs92003 on Vimeo.

If you don't know this song by now than you should learn it. After you learn it, you take a look around you and pinpoint a girl who claims to be "fancy" ( Word to the wise: A true fancy girl would never actually claim to be). Once you find her, you hit her with the ____ you!

Do it for me.
Do it for you.
Do it for her own sake.

Friday, September 24, 2010

N.E.R.D album cover: Nothing


I think it'd be fair to say that we can expect a good funk from this album based on the cover.

Check out the new website.
(Hint, scroll your mouse over the three eyed monster for a quick thrill)

Via Earstyle

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Black Ivy

There are some days when I look around at the other members of my race and have to say, "The fuck is you doin?"

When in need of good music you can't turn on the radio anymore. My genuine belief is that whoever created Pandora was forced to sit and listen to Charlamagne in the morning for more than five minutes during their daily commute. What happened to music with substance? Idols with substance? Walking a block in the city is close to impossible without hearing a crack head reference (this is actually no different from a year ago but now the butts of the jokes aren't limited to crazy white females..Soulja Boy, Cudi, what?)

Ask the majority of African American females what their ideal partner is like, but don't expect more than two words (Trey Songz). This isn't an attempt to throw shade at the musically inclined or physically gifted either, but, what about the Cory Booker's of the world? Does anyone else desire an educated man? Give Nicki Minaj's dick a break for a moment, and think about the Carol Moselely Braun's out there, pushing for a better tomorrow.
Does anyone remember 2008? We were all fueled by the Obama excitement, talking politics and ambitions? Do you remember how for a week everyone wanted a Barack or a Michelle in their lives? Now it's 2010 and it seems that some of us have forgotten what reading the newspaper feels like (this applies to me too, holding the newspaper requires a little bit more energy than what I would like to give). It sucks but, it seems like we don't value or desire educated and motivated idols as much as we should.

A lot of African Americans in the immediate spotlight these days portray us to be just as ignorant and "promisedlandless" as we were before offered education and opportunity. It sucks, but there's hope in the different breed out there; The educated African American.

Some of us thirst for success while others are thirsting to get rich quick by any means necessary. I've done it. You might contemplate selling, stealing, and doing anything possible to appear successful in the eyes of your peers. It sucks. I forgot (maybe you forgot too) that there's a route that promises success if you promise it your all. This route is called education.

Education isn't necessarily obtained in a classroom. One could learn more in a day by interning than by sitting at a desk and "learning" about Neuroscience. At least that's the go to argument against paying for education, but how does one get the internship? Cliche' though it might sound, an education is the key to a building with many, many open doors. Get yours.

The Black Ivy from Street Etiquette on Vimeo.

As of 2010 there are 105 historically black colleges and universities. While none of the top ranked colleges and universities in the United States are historically black,
could you learn more as a person at an HBCU? If you've never attended an all black college than you probably will never understand the feeling that is to be described within these next two paragraphs. Actually you probably won't understand at all. You have no chance at understanding. You'll say, "That's not the real world." True, but I've been to the "real" world, and I prefer the reality that HBCU's offer.

Despite the chaos of the financial process, despite the weaves and hair extensions that are sure to be in every bathroom sink, and despite the list of complaints that I was able to come up with during my freshmen year..I've never felt more at home than when surrounded by 2,400 other African American strangers.

Rushing to class at 7:57 am and looking over your shoulder to see another five or so black students doing the same exact thing is empowering. Why? It's nice to know that other people run on CP time. No, but really, there's something about knowing that we've all made the decision to be in the same place, surrounded by faces like ours, that I might never be able to explain. Fried Chicken Wednesdays, Step shows, Black teachers (but let's not forget the occasional language challenged Immigrant teacher), the yard, running into folks that you knew from your Jack & Jill days. Black faces pursuing a better life by means of an education, every which way that you turn. There is nothing like it.

HBCU's were established in the face of segregation and blah blah blah but over time they've turned into something more than the second choice for the genius boy who couldn't go to an Ivy league school because of his race. Everyone chooses the HBCU for a different reason. I chose it for a change of scenery, my sister chose Spelman because she too wanted a change of scenery (along with a chance at sisterhood other than ours). Some have never known an education without black faces, and other's have never known an education with black faces.

But that's the beauty of it all! Educated black faces holding themselves to a higher standard.

"Pledging to learn for eternity, never allowing negativity to define me. Session one, year one, classic beginnings with Black Ivy."

Now, you watch that video up there. Who do you want to be? Where do you want to learn to be that person?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Chiddy Bang: Good life

These two gentlemen have come a long way. Do you remember when this was posted a little over a year ago? No itunes, no download links in sight..Just Chiddy Bang on Imeem (which has since plummeted into the 30 second clip world. Boo hoo.)

Here we are two or three videos later. And while this video isn't the most interesting or amusing thing I've seen most recently, something could still be said for the drumming on the garbage can. Right? If not we will just have to take the sound into consideration. Yeah,there are no "smile along with Ye'" puns or tupac-esque verses, but the sound that they've managed to create here is refreshing all the same.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Crevices of the mind: Something

This should be pretty self explanatory for those of you with brains and hearts.

My Mind's Gone

Ease with love won't exist for me.

I'm plagued with the bad lucks, or bad fucks.

The "Sit down and shut ups."

So honestly I'm fed up-

cause I work too hard for a heart this soft,

and for a bitch to be nagging me this often.

I'm bitchin' but this bitch of a thought is nagging me often.

Over time do all hearts crumble rather than soften?

These days I worry that I should cough and-

Have a piece of my passion come up

staring at me like "ha ha. You fucked up!

by even trying the shit."

Well, shit. Damn bitch.

And I never really used the world until shown the true meaning of it.


Now she it, and she it, and she it.

Aww sheeeeeit.

Because I warned me about this

yet somehow I'm back to where it all begins..

I'm sitting, smitten, rhyming word ends with how that smile makes me get.

Now she's got my fire lit,

and my intentions scorched with less than innocence.

Well, in a sense, on a nice day, when the nay-says see things my way..

This isn't wrong at all.

Cause I've got nothing, but you have got it all.

without even knowing it.

My mind, like trees, you're blowing it.

My soul's like, "At ease. You're showing it."

So the little things break me down in a large way

and my heart say,

"Fuck it. We weren't tryin' to feel this way anyway."

In seconds the beauty of it becomes aggressive and hectic.

Please tell me, where is this headed?

Come take this ache from my heart and release it where my head is.

And if you can't..I mean,

just show me the guillotine.

Cause I would rather be headless and dead than-

running around with an organ sore for time spent out of friendship.

I want more.

Fuck morals.

See my morals say, "Fuck this friendshit cause your heart's already in this."

I wish to end this.

On the other hand, I wouldn't even trade this for the Moon

that I value so dearly.

Queen of my dreams.

Might I see you soon?

If not sleep, than this high deep will place you near me.

So this is what it is.

Don't fear me, just hear me.

Though emotionally illiterate I read this so clearly.

"Don't chase what's not running. It won't be for nothing if it is something."

In other words, "Don't fuck it up though you wanna."

I want it,

but less than lust would tell me.

And though this cotton heart compels me

it might be best to just stand here, wonderin'.