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Four black teens in Philadelphia with nothing other than weekly tranpasses and opinions. Still, the criticism and general interpretation seem to change from day to day regardless of aforementioned teens consistency.

Whatever. We're not doing anyone some terrible injustice, and we don't claim to be changing the world or enlightening the folk beyond belief or recognition. Credences, food for thought, images, a few laughs here and there, and opinions are all that we can offer you. Whether you choose to accept or decline, you are here, as are we, daily.

To face the rain or sunshine, parade or riot, cookout or Saturday detention..We ride Septa.

- Til' the very end, Nya Ari, Samir S, Trent XIII, and Hez

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The "sneaker head checklist"

The term "sneaker head" has been lost. Since everybody claims to be one nowadays.

But for me,this will never ever cease to be amusing.

1. The first thing you notice on everyone is their shoes.
2. When you walk into class people occasionally say "Another Pair?!?"
3. The teachers even notice when you get new shoes.
4. Instead of taking the shortcut with your friends in the grass or dirt you walk all the way around the cement.
5. Your parents get really mad when you get another pair of shoes.
6. When somebody insults your shoes, you stuck up for them like they are your children.
7. You constantly look at people's shoes when you walk by them.
8. Before you go out, you think for a good 10 .. 15 minutes about which sneakers you should wear.
9. You do not wear certain sneakers to parties/clubs because you are afraid someone is going to step on them.
10. You do not wear White/Clear sole shoes in the rain.
11. You keep every single pair of shoes in the box stuffed.
12. When people you know (or even strangers) who always see you, look at you, and then look directly down to your feet to see what your shoe you are wearing.
13. Most of the time your shoes are the main center attraction.
14. You feel insulted when someone says "They're JUST shoes!"
15. You want multiple pairs of the same shoe.
16. You browse eBay daily to find that "HG" (Holy Grail).
17. You are willing to spend good money on your "HG" in "NDS" (Near Dead stock) condition.
18. You know at least 2 people in every shoe store you go to.
19. Your paintings are shoe themed.
20. You could have bought a small car for the amount you spent on your collection.
21. You get really defensive about any damage to your shoes.
22. You save up your lunch money over a month to buy a new pair.
23. You look down at your shoes every 5 minutes.
24. Your drawer is full of shoe cleaners.
25. You skip school/work to go to the mall because new pair of shoes are being released.
26. You know what "NT" and "ISS" stands for.
27. You sit in class and keep turning your foot to the side to look at your shoes.
28. You know a fake shoe when you see it.
29. Your background in your computer is a Jordan.
30. You think that girls that have wear Air Jordan's are hot even without looking at their face.
31. You go to the mall for silica packs and tell the lady that it's for a school project because they won't give you any otherwise.
32. You check the weather before you go out so you know what shoe you should wear.
33. You put an extra insole in your Jordan's to not rub off the Jumpman in the insole.
34. You take a traveling cleaning kit when you are on the road.
35. You limp when you walk to prevent creasing.
36. You clean your shoes after every wear.
37. You learned the roman numerals from the Air Jordan series.
38. 23 is one of your favorite numbers.
39. When you are bored in class/work and someone says something about shoes you listen.
40. You never try to get any of your shoes dirty.
41. You take your shoes off and walk when it suddenly starts raining in school to walk to your car.
42. You have a whole frame of Jordan retro cards.
43. You carry an Eastbay, Brand Jordan, or Sole Collector magazine in your backpack.
44. You know all the release date for Nike SB.
45. You get mad when people say "shoe's are a waste of money".
46. When you buy a new pair of shoes you take pictures of them.
47. You write poems of your shoes.
48. You visit ISS and NT Forums.
49. You know what DS, OG, SMH, & MJ stands for.
50. You know when Michael Jordan's birthday is.

5,8,28,and 46 hit close to home.

.N ari

Snow day

I came very close to dropping ol Niky' on the ice today.Needless to say I did not end up taking pictures of the snow today.

Due to the recession,The Girl scouts of America have decreased the amount of cookies per box. Four cookies might not seem like a big deal, but when you're paying the same price as last year (maybe .25 more in some cases)...It becomes a problem. With all that being said,I will continue buying "caramel delites", and "thin mints" this year...But before any money (or cookies) are exchanged I'm going to make sure that I get my money's worth. "HOW WILL YOU DO THAT NYA??". Said Girl scout is going to have to explain to me why I should buy the box containing less than 20 confections (which I will undoubtedly end up doing whether the explanation is good or not)when I could spend my 3.50 on two butter scotch krimpets,a vitamen water,and two slim jims.Or she'll have to recite the girl scout promise(in song).Worth four cookies? I believe so.

My way of sticking it to the powers that be.

.N ari


This song is a lot better without Jim Jones and Pitbull.

.N ari

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Freida Pinto

If you haven't gotten out to see Slum dog millionaire by now,you probably don't plan on doing so,and are missing out on the greatest film of the year. So clearly it's going to take more than words to convince you.

I won't even lie to you,she's not like that in the movie.... She is 3949359503x more beautiful.The complex photoshoot doesn't show her smiling,but I promise you, it's like arriving on Walnut street after pushing through hoodrats and middleschoolers in the gallery for an hour,a sight for sore eyes.

Like I said before, this is a great movie. The themes include "money isn't everything", and "love conquers all". I can't say that I agree with either of those but I did while I was sitting in the theatre.Yeah,it's that powerful. The fact that it has won four golden globes should make you want throw your money at the ticket vendor,or fandango. But if you still need convincing..


.N ari

Lazy sunday

APC NEW CURE 30th wear.
Coming along nicely after an uncomfortable first two weeks.

Baby whiskers,honeycombs,crotch fade,and chapstick fade.

I don't plan on soaking these any time soon,don't wanna lose any of that dye.

Besides taking pictures of my dirty denim,I spent two and a half hours at enon,and 5 hours working on a late portfolio for english. I also picked up the bad habit of eating in my bed,over the keyboard.

But most importantly,on Friday Thequarterhug (BAD MUTHAFUCKAS to the left) showed me some love. The new season is dropping in February from what I know, if you see me ask about it.If you don't see me,find a way to ask me about it.Twenty five dollars for a tee shirt is not unreasonable,so step it the fuck up people.

.N ari

Note:Samir and I were arguing about shoes, which is no different from any other day. If Nya likes wallabee's, Samir likes Sharks. If Nya likes XIII'S,Samir likes XVIII'S better. Nya thinks Gucci sb highs are clean,Samir thinks that the hideous donatello sb's are clean.

Please show Samir how wrong he is, and vote the right way.

Vote for the better Nike Sb :p

These are the Donatello Sbs....

And these are the Gucci Sbs....


Samir S.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Hosoi hi vert

If you're like me than you've missed the first two drops of hosoi sk8 hi's. Sucks like nothing else,I know.Luckily,vans and hosoi have something new for those of us that might have been too broke or lazy in the past.

Hosoi hi vert rising sun pack.

Retailers include: Vans,zappos,activerideshop,etc...and Huf (who after 3 weeks have finally refunded my money for the shoes I never received).

I don't reccomend buying these from huf -_-.

.N ari

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The past three days

This was an amazing experience and if I had known that I wouldn't be able to feel my feet today,I still wouldn't have opted out. We met Arlen Spector,Nancy Pelosi,watched senate in session,saw Colin Powell,got into an official Inaugural ball,cut lines, and tore up thirty dollar steaks thanks to Mr.Horwitz.

There's not enough words to describe this.Luckily some of my classmates figured out how to,check out the "Central High school Inauguration" blog to the left.

.N ari

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Year of the septa

A coworker of mine is into astrology and did everyone's animal signs,made a complete presentation. Dude even put everything into a nice little manilla envelope,complete with name date of birth blah blah blah. I found mine to be pretty accurate minus a few things,so I figured I'd do Samir's too..All I can say is el oh el.

My comments are in bold.

Nya Ari:Year of the horse
"Handsome horse,you may never realize just how alluring you are. You're hardworking and undertake to accomplish great deeds. But often you're afraid that you won't succeed. Silly horse! You have the strength and wit to move mountains. You're very entertaining and like to make us laugh. You dress well,have enormous charm,talent,and dexterity. No wonder you're so popular (I disagree) .Strong and clever with words, you can talk rings around most people(True dat true dat true do dat dat dat). You're essentially a practical person. You are not, however, that sure of yourself. You must practice hard to set goals for yourself and take charge of your life. Trot out there and dare! The results will give you self confidence and build your self image. Then you can really gallop along at your own pace and knock em dead. Heed the sound advice of family and friends. You need guidance to rein in those many gifts of yours. Abundance will come through hard work. Don't ever dabble in things under handed.Horses make terrible crooks (Word to my freakin mother.) . Start with a home and a family. Settle down. Choose your mate from among tigers,dogs,and even goats. Watch out for that ruthlessly seductive dragon. A horse in love (and you're no exception) is capable of abandoning everything for the sake of pursuing passion(As history has shown us..)..)"


Samir S:Year of the goat
"You embody love,beauty,luxury and are not always ready to go after those commodities for yourself. The chinese say that the goat is only happy when tethered in a fertile field. If the meadow is barren, the goat will be miserable. You need security and structure in order to thrive. Not only are you creative but you are manual. Everything that you touch turns into something beautiful. You're a peaceful person (!!) who seeks structure and harmony.Conflict beffudles you and may cause you to shrug off responsibility. Pursue a career in the arts or related areas.Your craving for opulence means that you'll be needing money. So,make sure that your chosen field is lucrative-or if all else fails-marry someone who can care for your material needs (a-ha,a-ha,a-hahaha) so you can innovate until your hearts content. You have your own sense of time-a uniquely exasperating ability to work for 72 hours straight and sleep for the next 72.Although in love you are sensual and giving,you are often thought to be a flirt. I suggest you stay clear of dutiful dogs and stolid oxen. Country cats and pastoral pigs are your best bets."

.N ari

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Since when are girls this shallow?Every party I've ever been to,any mall ever been to,any venue ever,I've walked in and seen a more than decent girl attached to a guy who seems to be..lacking.Why is that?Most females are not half as concerned with the looks of their "partner" than men are. Girls like to laugh,be swept off of their feet,kept on their toes,and paid attention to.That is all,the physicals atributes are a plus for most (I can't speak for everyone).

Basically,this commercial is idiotic which takes away from any humor the ridiculous wigs might have added.If you (or anyone you know) actually went out and spent $6.00 + on some axe hair products..You are a complete and utter douche bag with a pair of fubu's for eyes,and a studded belt for a mouth .Which would explain why you (or that "somebody you know") doesn't get any girls.

.N ari


By now I'm sure that the few readers we have are sick of hearing (and seeing) the daily life of Nya A. Tindal.Shit,I get sick of it from time to time but between frowning over my developing acne,preparing for the inauguration,and studying for midterms/trying to get these grades at the last minute;Posting pictures is the easiest shit ever,get me?

So here we are,a post with some substance.

If you'll look to the left you'll see that I claim to be "artistically inclined". I will never deny that for a moment,considering that I work hard at what I do (when I choose to do it),and I am proud as a mahhfuckah.Any written work of mine that you've read was worked on for at least 2 weeks on and off,word is bond.Chill though,I don't plan on boring you with how talented I think I am,I'd rather talk about my influences and mentors.

Unless you live under a rock,that lives under the sun,that lives underneath the shadow of my ever inflating my ego than you know that Notorius is officially in Theatres. Not that I even like Biggie, but I recognize his skill with words (no matter how simple or incoherent they might have been). The real reason I brought up Biggie was in order to bring up Tupac,who was a master of words.Not only did he have a skill but he knew how to OWN IT.

Sorry Biggie.

I am from the suburbs of New Jersey,I went to private school for 5 years,I lived in Chestnut Hill,I live in Mt.airy.Never will I ever be able to say that I understand "the struggle".At the same time some artists have the ability to make you live whatever it is that they have spoken/written.When Tupac's in love,I'm in love. When Tupac mourns for the people,I mourn for the people. When Tupac says he fucked Biggie's wife and had him sleeping on the couch,I nod in agreement. My point is there's a difference between being able to relate to people,and having people being able relate to you. Whenever I write I try to do that,put someone where ever I happen to be in life.

To be honest most poets bore the shit out of me,and this is coming from a poet.Having said that, any poet who can make me sit still and read without a beat deserves triple OD kudos,props,praise,acclaim,glory,distinction,and every sneaker that I own. Sike,they can't have my j's. I doubt a 17th century poet would want them anyway. William Blake dawg. "Tiger,tiger burning bright" will never ever die,this is immortal poetry created by an immortal poet. Because even in death,his words live on and on and on.

I was in 7th grade watching "The dangerous lives of alter boys", "Tiger,tiger" was the poem read at the funeral scene. "Did he who made the lamb make thee" stuck to my soul, and anything I've ever written has been devoted and perfected to my fullest capability ever since then. It only takes a few words to provoke an interest,I try to do that.

Blah blah blah blah blah. You understand what I'm getting at, even though I've left a number of my favorites out (Common,Dante Basco,lemon,maya angelou,Lupe,Langston hughes,more more and so many more). Writing is life for me, and the only reason I've lived it is because I've been motivated to do so by said people.

(The actual motivation behind this post is the fact that my camera is dead,and I left the charger with Cami/Trent)

.N ari

P.S. "7r" prepare yourselves,cause we've got some stuff for you.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The West boast

There is a 99.9999% chance that I stole this from sum this video up,"gays",kanye diggin in his nose,and what we already knew about the Japanese.

Dig how far he's come.

.N ari

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I bit the bullet and bought a pair of Wallabee's.Actually,there was no biting involved considering I didn't buy them under pressure from anyone or anything other than the fact that I needed "business casual" shoes for the inauguration. Anyway, as I had hoped these are comfortable as shit and my Dad likes them (he had a pair,imagine that). I feel like you can't go wrong with anything your Dad (sometimes Mom) owned during adolescence.

.N ari

Watch for Channel 6 tomorrow evening,my "interview" might not be on the television slot but it will definetly be on the website.

and my hufs still haven't come.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We don't always agree

ny get m0ney (9:52:58 PM): you know what ball you're going to?
Youngsizz2822 (9:53:19 PM): no ball, im going to be one of the 5 million people standing outside
ny get m0ney (9:53:26 PM): of the ball?
ny get m0ney (9:53:27 PM): lol
Youngsizz2822 (9:53:37 PM): oh yeah, thats it
Youngsizz2822 (9:54:14 PM): yo tell me y ive started getting on sneakerplay alot, alot of cool people on there
Youngsizz2822 (9:54:32 PM): there might be a sp meetup at the inauguration
ny get m0ney (9:55:39 PM): ooo thats cool.your parents gonna let you go?
Youngsizz2822 (9:56:42 PM): to inauguration or meetup
ny get m0ney (9:57:58 PM): meetup
Youngsizz2822 (9:58:29 PM): ima be with my sister and she doesnt care
Youngsizz2822 (9:59:47 PM): you gona be with your school
ny get m0ney (9:59:51 PM): yup
Youngsizz2822 (9:59:59 PM): where are yall gona be
ny get m0ney (10:00:01 PM): we're going to the mtv ball!
ny get m0ney (10:00:08 PM): and im in the newspaper
ny get m0ney (10:00:15 PM): and will be on channel 6 tomorrow i think
Youngsizz2822 (10:00:29 PM): lol just cause u won some contest?
ny get m0ney (10:00:57 PM): dawg it's so much more than a was a difficult ass process,and we're central.people like us
ny get m0ney (10:00:58 PM):
ny get m0ney (10:01:13 PM): they want our perspective on things,we the future nigggguh
Youngsizz2822 (10:01:26 PM): lmao
Youngsizz2822 (10:01:36 PM): you guys are just news fillers
Youngsizz2822 (10:01:55 PM): what happened to the real news, like people getting shot
ny get m0ney (10:02:10 PM): There's more to the world than hurt,
ny get m0ney (10:02:15 PM): you can't outfocus the good with the bad
ny get m0ney (10:02:19 PM): that's all I'll say
ny get m0ney (10:02:21 PM): don't hate.
Youngsizz2822 (10:03:19 PM): oh i dont see that big of a deal in then interviewing random people from a school about there opinion on something....
ny get m0ney (10:03:43 PM): You wouldn't I guess,because it seems like you have a negative opinion to begin with.
Youngsizz2822 (10:03:54 PM): never that
ny get m0ney (10:04:02 PM): you sound ridiculous though .just so we're clear
ny get m0ney (10:04:07 PM): quite the pessimist today aren't we
ny get m0ney (10:05:02 PM): if the world didn't care about opinions,we wouldn't have politicians,or rappers..we'd have the news,on people getting shot.
Youngsizz2822 (10:06:55 PM): lol well let me just say this nya, you can be in the paper and on the new, state your opinion and recognize that you central people are the "future" but no matter what its all a gimic, i wouldnt say im positive or negative, just real, unless you take this oppurtunity to learn and associate with people its all a waist
ny get m0ney (10:07:18 PM): Lol somebody's madddd.let me just say that
Youngsizz2822 (10:07:24 PM): im not mad
ny get m0ney (10:07:34 PM): You definetly are,why can't you just be happy for me
Youngsizz2822 (10:07:34 PM): why would i be mad
ny get m0ney (10:07:38 PM): I don't see why either
ny get m0ney (10:08:00 PM): but you're sitting on your computer hating,talking about gimmicks and acting as if no one takes advantage of opportunities
ny get m0ney (10:08:06 PM): and that central is just another school
ny get m0ney (10:08:09 PM): tis not my friend.
Youngsizz2822 (10:08:34 PM): lower merion vs central..............down goes central lol
ny get m0ney (10:08:56 PM): Do you go to lower merion?and if we were given the same resources,we'd be better
Youngsizz2822 (10:08:59 PM): its the best school in philly but compared to alot of schools out here its just another school
ny get m0ney (10:09:00 PM): that's all I'm saying
Youngsizz2822 (10:09:48 PM): the schools reputation is about the students mindset not the schools money
ny get m0ney (10:10:11 PM): Nah,because if you look at lower merion's mindsets..there's gonna be white people
ny get m0ney (10:11:07 PM): but I won't argue with you about this but I might get upset,and guess you can't find it in yourself to understand
ny get m0ney (10:11:08 PM): which is fine
ny get m0ney (10:11:17 PM): but you're not being "real"
Youngsizz2822 (10:11:57 PM): why do you think central is the school that it is?
ny get m0ney (10:12:10 PM): Because of the diversity,and the requirements to get in
Youngsizz2822 (10:13:00 PM): ok so basically them and masterman share the best students in philadelphia, what makes central better than masterman
ny get m0ney (10:13:28 PM): because we're a better all around school,athletics and extra curricular activities included
Youngsizz2822 (10:15:24 PM): ok, so your saying that outside of philly all the public schools get better grades and are usually more sucessful cause they have more money and resources?
ny get m0ney (10:16:12 PM): If you do your research,there's evidence that the more resources you have..the more likely the chance to succeed.That's common knowledge
ny get m0ney (10:16:20 PM): no one said central was the best school in the country
ny get m0ney (10:16:33 PM): but YOU are trying to take away from what we do have,for what reason I do not know
ny get m0ney (10:16:56 PM): and I've pretty much been provoked to say,fuck're being a dick.and I think you know it
Youngsizz2822 (10:17:18 PM): my only point is students make school not stuff
ny get m0ney (10:17:54 PM): that's not your point,because if you I remember's all a none of it matters?
ny get m0ney (10:18:00 PM): and that would include the students
Youngsizz2822 (10:18:19 PM): why do you think im trying to be an asshole
ny get m0ney (10:18:42 PM): I have no idea why you would.considering I haven't done anything to you
ny get m0ney (10:18:49 PM): but you're acting like a dick.
Youngsizz2822 (10:19:07 PM): oh my bad, i didnt know a conversation made me a dick
ny get m0ney (10:19:35 PM): If you scroll up you'll see that it was a conversation until you started being a dick
ny get m0ney (10:20:04 PM): there's a difference between telling the truth,and being cynical
Youngsizz2822 (10:20:05 PM): ok
Youngsizz2822 (10:20:14 PM): i was telling my opinion
ny get m0ney (10:20:27 PM): agree to to disagree
ny get m0ney (10:20:50 PM): because if students made the schools,as opposed to things
ny get m0ney (10:20:57 PM): every school acorss the globe would be equal
ny get m0ney (10:21:03 PM): check mate.
Youngsizz2822 (10:21:33 PM): lol no cause different people have different drive
ny get m0ney (10:21:48 PM): so you're saying that white kids have more drive than black kids do
ny get m0ney (10:21:52 PM): why is that?
Youngsizz2822 (10:22:00 PM): cause there parents
ny get m0ney (10:22:03 PM): No
ny get m0ney (10:22:08 PM): it's because of the enviroment
Youngsizz2822 (10:22:15 PM): ok
Youngsizz2822 (10:22:18 PM): you win ny
ny get m0ney (10:22:30 PM): it's not about winning,
Youngsizz2822 (10:22:31 PM): cause im a dick :/
ny get m0ney (10:22:46 PM): You are BEING a dick.and I wasn't done
ny get m0ney (10:22:48 PM): but I'll stop
ny get m0ney (10:22:57 PM): because I might go on for an hour
Youngsizz2822 (10:23:01 PM): ok
Youngsizz2822 (10:34:38 PM): how was ur day though?, talk to whats her name?
ny get m0ney (10:34:53 PM): it was pretty good.sorry i snapped on you
ny get m0ney (10:35:08 PM): even though i probably meant it at the time
ny get m0ney (10:35:12 PM): but yeah,i talked to her
Youngsizz2822 (10:35:18 PM): its cool
Youngsizz2822 (10:35:25 PM): *CENSORED* right?
ny get m0ney (10:35:36 PM): mhm.things are going smoothly
ny get m0ney (10:35:40 PM): it's different though
ny get m0ney (10:35:49 PM): you and dar are back?
Youngsizz2822 (10:36:04 PM): yea
Youngsizz2822 (10:36:28 PM): have been since yesterday or the day before
ny get m0ney (10:36:48 PM): i think dar told me that,but i can't remember if i actually talked to her
Youngsizz2822 (10:37:11 PM): oh
Youngsizz2822 (10:43:05 PM): i need flints
ny get m0ney (10:43:15 PM): flints are nice
Youngsizz2822 (10:43:24 PM): very very nice
ny get m0ney (10:43:42 PM): you should get some selvedge denim
ny get m0ney (10:43:47 PM): itd go nice with your clothes
Youngsizz2822 (10:44:08 PM): where can i get it
ny get m0ney (10:44:22 PM): do you know your waist size
Youngsizz2822 (10:44:34 PM): yea
ny get m0ney (10:44:38 PM): dude on hb is doing uniqlo pickups..and i think theyre selvedge is 50
Youngsizz2822 (10:45:11 PM): o kool
Youngsizz2822 (10:45:32 PM): i dont ever go on hypebeast so i had to really think wut u were talking about
ny get m0ney (10:45:41 PM): sry bout that
Youngsizz2822 (10:47:17 PM): wait where do i go cause its only shirts in there store
ny get m0ney (10:47:45 PM): i dont think they have them on the website.and theres only one kind as far as i know
ny get m0ney (10:47:53 PM): google uniqlo japanese denim
Youngsizz2822 (10:49:24 PM): haha ok t hey have one store in the us
Youngsizz2822 (10:49:27 PM): soho
ny get m0ney (10:49:38 PM): yeaah.thats why the guy is doing pickups
Youngsizz2822 (10:50:05 PM): so you can pay them to get it for you?
ny get m0ney (10:50:12 PM): yup
Youngsizz2822 (10:50:21 PM): how much
Youngsizz2822 (10:51:39 PM): this is like a cheaper american apparel
ny get m0ney (10:51:44 PM): basically
Youngsizz2822 (10:52:46 PM): they dont have any jeans on the website except the colored ones
ny get m0ney (10:53:02 PM): they might not be on the website.but they have them in store
Youngsizz2822 (10:53:37 PM): so how do i see there normal jeans
ny get m0ney (10:53:49 PM): id just google it i guess
Youngsizz2822 (10:57:43 PM): do they go by us size cause the selvedge jeans are what im liking but from what i see its different sizes
ny get m0ney (10:57:56 PM): what do you mean
Youngsizz2822 (10:58:10 PM): 12 oz, 15oz?
ny get m0ney (10:58:19 PM): uhh
Youngsizz2822 (10:58:39 PM): i wear 34
ny get m0ney (10:58:56 PM): iss might have a denim thread
ny get m0ney (10:59:01 PM): post your question there
ny get m0ney (10:59:07 PM): and are you gonna make an account on there
Youngsizz2822 (11:03:06 PM): how would i do anything with 0 feedback
ny get m0ney (11:03:18 PM): you can't sell but you can buy
ny get m0ney (11:03:39 PM): and it was really a yes or no question i guess
Youngsizz2822 (11:03:56 PM): ill make one when i get some mulah
Youngsizz2822 (11:04:08 PM): but if i trade can i use yours
Youngsizz2822 (11:04:10 PM): ?
ny get m0ney (11:04:18 PM): sure
Youngsizz2822 (11:04:37 PM): i might trade my hyperdunks for olympic 7s
ny get m0ney (11:04:57 PM): damn.are you keeping anything
Youngsizz2822 (11:05:07 PM): im rebuilding
Youngsizz2822 (11:05:37 PM): restructiong my collection i guess
Youngsizz2822 (11:05:53 PM): i got those hyper dunks on black friday for 85
Youngsizz2822 (11:06:02 PM): olympics are worth 175
Youngsizz2822 (11:06:10 PM): it goes in my favor
ny get m0ney (11:06:11 PM): did you get an ok on the offer
ny get m0ney (11:06:19 PM): and the olympics ds
Youngsizz2822 (11:06:26 PM): not yet btu worse comes to worse ill get some aqua 8s
Youngsizz2822 (11:06:36 PM): the olympics are worn twice
ny get m0ney (11:06:47 PM): whats the sellers name?
Youngsizz2822 (11:07:00 PM): its the same guy that took like a year to send
Youngsizz2822 (11:07:05 PM): the grey toe guy
ny get m0ney (11:07:07 PM): ooo
Youngsizz2822 (11:07:21 PM): he had laser 5s for 150 but i was broek at the time
ny get m0ney (11:07:40 PM): ooo
Youngsizz2822 (11:10:15 PM): and cdp Xs for 90
ny get m0ney (11:10:24 PM): doont do that to yoursel
ny get m0ney (11:10:29 PM): cdp x's were ugly
Youngsizz2822 (11:10:40 PM): i like the shadow color
Youngsizz2822 (11:10:45 PM): just not the inside
ny get m0ney (11:11:24 PM): the 23 fucks it up too
Youngsizz2822 (11:11:51 PM): its not that bad
ny get m0ney (11:12:08 PM): your money..
Youngsizz2822 (11:12:12 PM): lol
Youngsizz2822 (11:12:19 PM): well i have none
ny get m0ney (11:15:47 PM): question:do most people our/my age have jobs?
ny get m0ney (11:15:50 PM): or its rarer now
ny get m0ney (11:16:08 PM): cause i was talking to my mom earlier,and she said when she was growing up everyone had a job
Youngsizz2822 (11:16:19 PM): its rarer now than then
ny get m0ney (11:16:30 PM): why do you think that is?
Youngsizz2822 (11:16:53 PM): alot of parents usually push there children to focus on school i guess
ny get m0ney (11:17:21 PM): and you don't think they did back then?
Youngsizz2822 (11:17:42 PM): not as much cause the standards were lower
ny get m0ney (11:17:50 PM): hm,interesting
Youngsizz2822 (11:18:52 PM): thats just the way i see it cause back then if a black person went to college it was a big deal
ny get m0ney (11:19:08 PM): so wouldnt the standards be higher?
Youngsizz2822 (11:19:10 PM): going to college now is like getting your diploma then
ny get m0ney (11:19:19 PM): cause i feel like they paved the way for us,iono
Youngsizz2822 (11:19:33 PM): they expect you to do better than them
ny get m0ney (11:19:50 PM): i feel like collectively this generation takes shit for granted,education,money,the ENVIROMENT.everything
ny get m0ney (11:19:57 PM): and i include myself in tha statement
ny get m0ney (11:20:06 PM): because iono it seems like things come easier for us
ny get m0ney (11:20:14 PM): but we still don't want to work for it
Youngsizz2822 (11:21:14 PM): scientifical proof shows that the less people have usually the more drive they have, the person that works there way up is usually more motivated then the person that grew up there
ny get m0ney (11:21:55 PM): so (hate to go back to this) theory,black people should be running the country
ny get m0ney (11:22:03 PM): and excelling in school
Youngsizz2822 (11:22:44 PM): yes but the system is set up to make it very hard for that to happen
Youngsizz2822 (11:22:56 PM): keeping us concealed in this bubble of thought
Youngsizz2822 (11:23:06 PM): not able to expand
ny get m0ney (11:23:11 PM): I understand that,that was my point earlier
ny get m0ney (11:23:20 PM): without so many metaphors
ny get m0ney (11:24:00 PM): equality of opportunity is always gonna reign over equality of results
Youngsizz2822 (11:24:23 PM): in a sense
Youngsizz2822 (11:24:48 PM): do you put this in terms of school or life?
ny get m0ney (11:24:51 PM): both
ny get m0ney (11:25:04 PM): it goes with the glass ceiling also
ny get m0ney (11:25:28 PM): women might have the same opportunities as men,but they won't always prevail..because of how society is
Youngsizz2822 (11:25:31 PM): ok schoolwise usually in the better schools students arent pushed by teachers or the school to do well
ny get m0ney (11:25:47 PM): you mean are,right?
ny get m0ney (11:26:01 PM): cause in the average public school..the teachers don't give a fuck
Youngsizz2822 (11:26:40 PM): in the publics schools around here the teachers keep the classroom in order and teach, its not thier responsibility if you take in the information or not
ny get m0ney (11:27:07 PM): and where do you live a completely different enviroment
ny get m0ney (11:27:22 PM): shit,i live in a different enviroment than most public school kids do
Youngsizz2822 (11:27:39 PM): i went to philadelphia schools middle school and before then
Youngsizz2822 (11:28:31 PM): i know how it works thats why i can clearly say that students make themselves and the only difference from philly schools and suburban schools is the violence and distruption
ny get m0ney (11:28:49 PM): ...and why is that.because of their backgrounds
ny get m0ney (11:29:34 PM): with less encouragement/opportunity at home..students are more likely to act out,and think there's no other life than what they've seen...which is street
ny get m0ney (11:29:39 PM): example
Youngsizz2822 (11:30:13 PM): back to my point, its not the school its the students and parents
ny get m0ney (11:30:33 PM): you've got little stephen,lives in the ghetto..never had anyone to care,his dad drives a truck for a living his mom works as a cashier.than you've got little kobe lives in KOP his dad is a lawyer his mom is a doctor
ny get m0ney (11:31:09 PM): and for a public school,filled with kids with bad's a big deal
Youngsizz2822 (11:31:35 PM): all i ask of every generation it to do better than the next
Youngsizz2822 (11:31:42 PM): then the last*
ny get m0ney (11:31:56 PM): I'm not worried about what everyone else is doing,I'm worried about myself
ny get m0ney (11:32:08 PM): it starts with you and grows
Youngsizz2822 (11:32:16 PM): if you do better than the last generation you have suceeded imo
Youngsizz2822 (11:32:34 PM): aand your children do better than you
ny get m0ney (11:32:43 PM): and that'd be sweet
ny get m0ney (11:33:06 PM): but,thats why you gotta do good for your life rather than worrying about everyone elses
ny get m0ney (11:33:13 PM): for your seed to succeed,
Youngsizz2822 (11:33:25 PM): exactly
ny get m0ney (11:33:35 PM): where is our disagreement
Youngsizz2822 (11:33:42 PM): white people are just ahead of the game
Youngsizz2822 (11:33:46 PM): there is non
Youngsizz2822 (11:33:49 PM): none*
ny get m0ney (11:34:03 PM): but white people are ahead of the game for a reason
ny get m0ney (11:34:16 PM): and it's not because they're smarter than we are.
Youngsizz2822 (11:34:25 PM): i know
Youngsizz2822 (11:34:32 PM): they started off at the top
Youngsizz2822 (11:34:54 PM): and they try to limit the education we recieve
ny get m0ney (11:35:16 PM): it only makes sense that hugely white populated areas have better schools
Youngsizz2822 (11:36:11 PM): well what makes a school better than another
ny get m0ney (11:36:34 PM): idk,whatever philadelphia magazine ranks it as
Youngsizz2822 (11:36:45 PM): sats and gpas
Youngsizz2822 (11:36:53 PM): thats the students
ny get m0ney (11:37:05 PM): not sats,it's the pssa in pennsylvania
Youngsizz2822 (11:37:12 PM): the schools can help but a childs will is the real key
ny get m0ney (11:37:28 PM): because our scores are higher than most in pennsylvania.
ny get m0ney (11:37:39 PM): if it were sats only white suburban kids would be in college
ny get m0ney (11:38:13 PM): the more resources,the better the scores.
Youngsizz2822 (11:38:18 PM): ok
ny get m0ney (11:38:25 PM): opinion
Youngsizz2822 (11:39:11 PM): umm tis not what you knwo but who you know..........but centrals a good school because phillys a big city and mostg people there are naturally gifted smart
ny get m0ney (11:39:41 PM): do you understand why i got offended now
Youngsizz2822 (11:40:11 PM): still nope
ny get m0ney (11:41:18 PM): to me it was like you were talking central down,like nothing we accomplish seperates us from the rest of the city.but thats not unreasonable i guess,because nobody who goes to central understands.which is fine i guess
ny get m0ney (11:41:31 PM): who doesnt go*
Youngsizz2822 (11:42:02 PM): ok so its a school full of all the naturally smart kids from philadelphia
Youngsizz2822 (11:42:28 PM): the fact that kids in a suburbs who arent all that smart can do better interests m
Youngsizz2822 (11:42:30 PM): me*
Youngsizz2822 (11:42:44 PM): they have some will
ny get m0ney (11:43:25 PM): again,i think it comes down to resources..switch them up and i bet we'd do better than their best
ny get m0ney (11:43:30 PM): that's how i feel
Youngsizz2822 (11:43:40 PM): because your naturally smart lol
Youngsizz2822 (11:43:47 PM): no matter what you guys are gonna be smart
ny get m0ney (11:44:02 PM): there's nothing to take away from!
ny get m0ney (11:44:08 PM): why can't people just give us our props
Youngsizz2822 (11:45:23 PM): its not cause you guys try hard or anything its just a school full of naturally smart people, i never said yall werent smart its that the schools around here arent that smart but do better not cause of resources but a certain push by parents and being born in a environment where doing work is routine
Youngsizz2822 (11:45:44 PM): so there underdogs raised right
Youngsizz2822 (11:46:04 PM): vs naturally smart people it astonishes me that they win
ny get m0ney (11:47:31 PM): so we've got brains on our sides,nothing else..where they have a nice enviroment,technology,parents who care,and commmon sense..and you're surprised that they win
ny get m0ney (11:47:42 PM): the playing field isn't level is what im saying
ny get m0ney (11:48:17 PM): and im surprised you think no one in central tries hard
Youngsizz2822 (11:48:49 PM): but naturally smart should win in a sense because your blessed with intellect and they are blessed with objects and things
ny get m0ney (11:49:08 PM): Unfortunately that's not the way that the world works.
Youngsizz2822 (11:49:23 PM): i failed
Youngsizz2822 (11:49:45 PM): im trying to fix it but im naturally smart but im lazy as a bitch in this environment
Youngsizz2822 (11:49:59 PM): having both can be hard
ny get m0ney (11:51:17 PM): see,we're both blessed with intellect and materials.and that doesn't necessarily make us the cream of the crop
ny get m0ney (11:51:28 PM): whereas
ny get m0ney (11:52:02 PM): cami has got the intellect,rich guy has got the materials..theyre both cream of the crop
Youngsizz2822 (11:52:49 PM): ok
ny get m0ney (11:53:02 PM): feel me?Cause I see your point as well
Youngsizz2822 (11:53:24 PM): yea i get where your coming from
Youngsizz2822 (11:53:40 PM): i just think intellect should overrule and you think materials should
ny get m0ney (11:54:09 PM): Nah,in an ideal world..intellect should rule.i agree on that
ny get m0ney (11:54:14 PM): I'm saying,in reality
ny get m0ney (11:54:20 PM): materials reign
Youngsizz2822 (11:54:52 PM): maybe but of now im still hopin intellect rules
Youngsizz2822 (11:55:09 PM): ok heres a metaphor journey by nas lol
Youngsizz2822 (11:55:22 PM): in the land of the blind the man with one eye is the king
ny get m0ney (11:55:42 PM): eye for an eye
ny get m0ney (11:55:57 PM): explain how that relates
Youngsizz2822 (11:56:13 PM): i have no clue lol, its just in my head
Youngsizz2822 (11:56:30 PM): well that statement isnt true in this way
Youngsizz2822 (11:56:45 PM): cause lets say everybody with either or is blind
Youngsizz2822 (11:56:55 PM): the people with both have one eye
Youngsizz2822 (11:57:14 PM): is used correctly and managed right you could become king
Youngsizz2822 (11:57:17 PM): if*
ny get m0ney (11:58:01 PM): there'd be a bunch of kings running around
ny get m0ney (11:58:04 PM): there can only be one
ny get m0ney (11:58:05 PM): lol
Youngsizz2822 (11:58:26 PM): the president lol
ny get m0ney (11:58:52 PM): can i make this discussion a blog post
ny get m0ney (11:58:55 PM): it's interesting
Youngsizz2822 (11:59:11 PM): you can

Things that you should know
1.I tend to get a little heated,about everything
2.Neither of us are racist,we love white people : )
3.Samir lives in King Of Prussia and goes to Montco
4.I go to Central high school,and will never ever let you tell me that we aren't the future.
5.Samir will most likely not follow my suggestion and buy selvedge.

.N ari

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Basically my Mom and I's mouths dropped when this came in the mail yesterday. A black model on the cover of J. Crew!The fact that she's drawn doesn't take away from anything.The real model is not a stranger to the catalogue but heyyyyy.

Riddle me this..How does a watch from Japan arrive before some sneakers from California?

As you can see the instructions are in Japanese.I guess I'll push all of the buttons until I have the right time.

.N ari