From the heart

Four black teens in Philadelphia with nothing other than weekly tranpasses and opinions. Still, the criticism and general interpretation seem to change from day to day regardless of aforementioned teens consistency.

Whatever. We're not doing anyone some terrible injustice, and we don't claim to be changing the world or enlightening the folk beyond belief or recognition. Credences, food for thought, images, a few laughs here and there, and opinions are all that we can offer you. Whether you choose to accept or decline, you are here, as are we, daily.

To face the rain or sunshine, parade or riot, cookout or Saturday detention..We ride Septa.

- Til' the very end, Nya Ari, Samir S, Trent XIII, and Hez

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I am fully aware that life is worth living.

You will be missed. Don't come back till you learned something kid!

Sassytahn, photogenic ass. haha

Chin Whaddup!

Stencil shit.
Fuck Security.
Certain things make me want to use as little focus as possible. It leaves the mind in search of more detail. That's how I be lookin' at life.
Now, tell me Q'doba ain't got it. Then keep a straight face, fooh.

Peeeaaace. We didn't get to build with them as much as we wished. But meeting them was definately an experience.

...I'm on the patch.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The fall of an empire.

I will be completely honest. The lyrics to Kanye's "Power" makes me sick to my stomache. But this preview to the music video that I spotted at Frank151 is a little more involved on an intellectual level than the actual song is. I guess to respect Kanye as an artist, one has to realize that he is an ARTIST and not a rapper.

Mind-poluting lyrics sell records.
Mind-Blowing artistry...blows minds.

Words to live by, rappers.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A life story...

Once upon a time, there was this kid who went to all the parties and lived the college life. Every night that he partied (which wasn't every night, but plenty out of the week), he learned something new about lif, love, sincerity and other things of that sort. Some nights, he would spend sweeping a girl right off of her feet. Starting conversation just to make her feel comfortable; Asking her to dance to join her in her comfort; Swaying her heart from side to side, up to down, anywhere it could never imagine going. Then, he would take her outside, hold her hands, look into her eyes, and whatever happened from there...happened. What most didn't understand though - between the ones that gossip, the ones that just notice and the ones that simply fall victim - was that each girl was just a different girl, and each night a different night.

Some nights he spent alone on a chair or on a couch with just a red cup to keep him company; Just watching the party go on from behind the glass wall he constructed in his head. He watched people flirt, saw others argue, heard people reconnect with one another; basically witnessed love in several forms and enjoyed every minute of it. And to him, this was no better or worse than the nights he encountered love on his own. Each night was the same. They all started at different times and ended in different fashions, but all in all...each night, each girl, each happening were all equally as special. Just in their own different ways.


The Bill Cosby Experience

"Yooo I checked out your blog. Good read good vibes. I dunno if you like electro stuff but I just dropped this compilation of mixes today. Cosby's all up in it." -DJ Sylo

Haha, Word.

I haven't heard a mix with references so versaitile that sounds so good. The whole thing was ILL! from the Kanye/N.A.S.A. bit, to the little two cents from Bill Cosby in between songs. I even heard some Rob Base towards the end. Nice.

This shit does the pudding pop.

Download HERE
I appreciate the love & the good mix as well.