From the heart

Four black teens in Philadelphia with nothing other than weekly tranpasses and opinions. Still, the criticism and general interpretation seem to change from day to day regardless of aforementioned teens consistency.

Whatever. We're not doing anyone some terrible injustice, and we don't claim to be changing the world or enlightening the folk beyond belief or recognition. Credences, food for thought, images, a few laughs here and there, and opinions are all that we can offer you. Whether you choose to accept or decline, you are here, as are we, daily.

To face the rain or sunshine, parade or riot, cookout or Saturday detention..We ride Septa.

- Til' the very end, Nya Ari, Samir S, Trent XIII, and Hez

Friday, May 23, 2008

FIRST BLOG!!!!!!!!

For our first blog we will be introducing you to how this revolutionary blog works. Everyday or every two days we will be discussing a variety of topics such as music, clothes, the urban community, skateboarding, sometimes news and much more. On the weekly basis you readers will receive a freestyle or poem written by either Nya Ari or Samir. We will also take your criticism and build upon the blog for the enjoyment of all the readers. thats it for now............


Peace and much love to ya