From the heart

Four black teens in Philadelphia with nothing other than weekly tranpasses and opinions. Still, the criticism and general interpretation seem to change from day to day regardless of aforementioned teens consistency.

Whatever. We're not doing anyone some terrible injustice, and we don't claim to be changing the world or enlightening the folk beyond belief or recognition. Credences, food for thought, images, a few laughs here and there, and opinions are all that we can offer you. Whether you choose to accept or decline, you are here, as are we, daily.

To face the rain or sunshine, parade or riot, cookout or Saturday detention..We ride Septa.

- Til' the very end, Nya Ari, Samir S, Trent XIII, and Hez

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Sorry for my leave of absence my fellow WRS members. So much has happened within the past two weeks or so, and still, I just found that I had nothing to talk about on that awkward blind first date type steeze. I'm not sure if this is a sign of maturity, as in me trying to see imagery in everything or me just having the block. But anywho, Spent two days in a row riding on The Spirit of Philadelphia which were actually the only two times that I've been on a boat. I got to get some nice bread from The Tindal, and I'm still conjuring up a way to pay you back. This Summer seems very promising, with this new ETE job and whatnot, and also with meeting a lot of new people, word to Geebaby. Well for those who know about what's going on with me, after these next few days I should be good. But enough of that jazzzzzzzz.

Recently, I have been falling out of the shoe game, and even the clothing game. It took until yesterday for me to realize how much clothing (still not so sure about sneakers anymore with all these newfound fR3$h kiiD's out here) means to me and my individuality and what made me the "Hez/Heze/Hezi/Hezzy/Hezzi/Hezzey/Hezzie" that I was in my prime. Since I've been confined to my bed, I've been watching tons of television, Run's house being one of the most prominent shows. Seeing Diggy kind of changed my whole view on high end street wear. At first I was saying to myself, "Well sure if my dad was Rev. Run and a millionaire, I would wear all the Bathing Ape and BBC that i wanted to wear as well." But for only being like 12, the kid dresses really nicely, sort of how I've seen myself dressing online, but never caring too much about spending the money in real life. Hmmmmmm, maybe that'll change soon. Oh and shout out to my man Ralph on that ORCL movement, expect big.



Mr. Hudson featuring Kanye West: Supernova video


Monday, June 29, 2009

Today, seemed like a normal day. Woke up around 10, took a shower, got dressed, went food shopping with my grandmom, and ate some Wendy's. Pretty normal, right?

After a nice normal day out, I come home to see one of the best drummers (and song writers) sitting in my living room. Just loungin'...chillin', talking to my mom. I wasn't shocked to see him initially, because I didn't know who he was at first. But as we talked and talked and talked, my eyes began to grow wider and wider.

Long story short, he's the drummer for a Soul/R&B band called Kindred the Family Soul. Hopefully this vid will ring a bell for you, if you never heard of the band.

Peep how he's a bus driver for SEPTA.


Jay-z: Death of Autotune video






I introduce to you, Hewleus Prime.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Vans organic

Let us save the earth, one shoe at a time.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


You Rock My World - Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was a legend and inspiration. Like a lot of people my age I felt a personal connection to Mr. Jackson. Christmas Mornings were divided between The Christmas Story and that Jackson 5 movie, My Friday nights as a fifth grader with few friends were spent dancing to Michael Jackson's "Past, Present, and Future" album, and singing Pretty young thing while developing film in the dark room was the norm for this year.

Today I really don't care much about what anyone thinks because honestly I'm done arguing with idiots. I realize how uppity that makes me sound but the truth is the truth. When you base your arguments off of that fact that he is the face of the generation but, no one in his generation will be around in the future..Than you are a moron. A moron lacking compassion and any common sense known to man.

For every person who tries to take away from his accomplishments by bringing up recent accusations, there will be countless others who recognize the difference that he made. Pigmentation loss and molestation charges or not. All that I can say about that is..Nothing was ever proved, and people will sell their soul for money. You know this.

There are other things going on in the world and they are equally important (if not more so) but this loss has hit the nerves of my heart. I won't go as far as saying that music has died but, we lost one of her children today. Respect the fact that he lived and died, he was human. Flawed like all of us are, and a sinner like all of us are.

R.I.P Michael Jackson.

The age old debate

The debate of where the future of rap lies is a never ending one. There are people claiming that Drake is the Messiah, that the south is the root of all evil, and even my arguments that The best of the best are not doing enough. But really one region or person cannot be blamed for everything, and certainly cannot change everything. The future of hip hop lies in the hands of the consumer. Without a willing market none of the above would be making waves anywhere. Listening to someone brag about their sexual prowess or possessions has never appealed to me. Neither has doing the Jerk or Stanky leg. But not everyone likes thinking about what they're listening to either. There is a need for both kinds of hip hop. Whatever falls in between has a place too. The real debate should be about finding a balance for it all, finding a balance or opening up the dissapointed's eyes to other genres.

and with that:

Santigold - "L.E.S. Artistes" from Downtown Music on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I don't believe in the term hater although I may have referred to someone by it a few times. If called a hater some ten years ago the recipient most likely would have said something along the lines of, "you just took a verb and turned it into an adjective. There are some blanks that need to be filled in somewhere within your English education, bul.". Somewhere between the rise of money rap and mirrors on the backs of cell phones, everyone became obsessed with themselves. My Mom does it, I do it, youtube users do it. We are all guilty.

Accepting a flaw or disagreement is out of the question nowadays. Any suggestion or even a wrong glance is now immediately attributed to "haterism". Taking responsibility or even considering constructive criticism was left behind a few years ago. Who really wants to admit that the real reason people don't like them is because either they are nauseatingly obnoxious, exude an annoyingly false confidence, lack a sense of hygiene, or are just a plain ol' douche bag? Nobody. So, as a remedy someone decided to coin the term hater. After all why should we ever have to just accept that we are not perfect and that not everyone is going to be bowled over by the fact that we exist?

Just by even thinking of typing up this story I will be thrown into the hater category. All the same, it cannot go untold:

Two years ago, being the brilliant student that I was (hahaha) I was sitting at Lunch cramming for some midterm. Sidenote: Studying at lunch is never the best idea. Especially if it is the only studying that you will be doing. In between exchanging note cards, and writing Spanish words on tiny slips of paper that would later be forgotten anyway, I was intercepting a conversation being held by two girls in my grade. One was stand able, likable even. The other insufferable. "I've come to a stunning realization. My haters don't hate me. My haters adore me. My haters want to be me. My haters love me.". Now, adore would have been a stretch when talking about any one's feelings towards her but, love? I've come across my fair share of people who don't use 2% of their brains but this was ridiculous.

Why is denial more acceptable than owning up to certain negative traits and either choosing to continue on bearing them with pride, or making a change? Having a contradictory or adverse opinion these days either makes you a hater or the bad guy. Compliance and showering everyone with flattery is the only way around being labeled a hater. Neutrality doesn't even work with some people. And God forbid that anyone ever say anything repugnant about weight loss, volume of dialect, The Clipse, Cookie boots, The current administration, or Twilight.

Clearly all haters go straight to hell once they meet their demise. So you, nor I want to be a hater and cannot even dream of disliking the word. I'm sorry to say but if you were in agreement with anything that I said, that makes you a hater. Also if you were not in agreement with anything that I said, that makes you a hater too. There's nothing left to do but hate the fact that the term hater exists, and that makes you a hater as well.

Dru Chris: Artist and repertoire

It's always nice to see someone you know making progress anywhere. So with that, I introduce to you, Dru Chris. Formally known as Dru Christie, the funny fly kid in my Chemistry, and Physical education class who also rode my bus. This takes "I never knew" to an entirely new plane because I'd always known him as a chill hip hop head, but I'd never have taken him for a rapper. Which affirms my belief that you can do great things in life while riding SEPTA, and not necessarily being a genius in the field of science, no offense Dru.

Currently a student at Howard, an intern at Stussy DC, and an employee at The Commonwealth of DC? I think it's safe to say that he's on top of his game. And with success normally comes ego or a new holly wood type of attitude but, Dru remains cool as shit if you'll pardon my french. It's just too bad I can't say the same for some people, who make a little bit of headway and have head expansion from there.

Basically I'm happy for Dru, glad to claim him as a Philly bul, Central alum , friend, and wish him nothing but fruition in the future.

M&N introduces Dru Chris from M&N Eminent on Vimeo.

Aint this a quinky dink/b*tch?

Yesterday, shortly after struggling to fill out my FAFSA form with my dad (i'm late, i know), I saw on the news that Barack Obama is going to shorten the Financial aid process and make it more simple.

That's Salty, enough said.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lupe, I found you.

Click the picture, bul

Hey, you know what really grinds my gears?

When people say they don't like Kanye West because of his arrogance...well it doesn't grind my gears necessarily but in this case, it definately did.

Remember when Kanye West said that "George Bush doesn't care about black people"? I do. In fact, I remember sitting in the kitchen with my mom at that very moment like, "Yeah Kanye tell 'em!" Up until recently, I (for some strange reason) just assumed that the rest of black America was doing the same exact thing as me. Cheering him on, feeling his pain, "preach, brotha preach"'ing and whatnot. But I guess I was wrong. I guess for some people, Kanye West's arrogance overrides the great disservice that the country did for our black people out in Louisiana.

Incase you never seen it:

I say this because, I was talking to a friend last night. And we started talking music and inturn started talking about Mr. West himself. She said to me that the very moment she saw him standing there next to Micheal Myers, accusing George Bush of being a racist, she began to dislike him.

She explained why:
There is a law, that states that in the event of a natural disaster, the president cannot send in the national guard for help without permission from the Mayor of Louisiana. So, maybe it wasn't George Bush's fault. If anybody, blame it on the mayor. Basically.

So what she was saying basically suggests that thousands of blacks died, and continued to die, due to formality and complexity of the law.

Okay, that's understandable. But damn, there are soo many different things that you HAVE to factor in:
1. When you hear that a massive number of blacks are just dying and no one does anything about it, wtf are you gonna do? Look through the constitution to see if any formalities are keeping the President from being proactive? No, you get upset and say, "Damn, all these black people dyin' and the President ain't doin shit!". Basically, maybe he did it out of anger and not arrogance. Just maybe.

2. Around this time, Japan was just hit by a big-ass sunami. Unicef boxes (remember those?) were all over the place!

3. He said that like a couple hours after the hurricaine hit. I said a couple hours. It took the National Guard a couple days to get in there. Like 5 days farreal farreal.

4. Ask anybody in New Orleans, it looks EXACTLY the same today as it did when the damn Hurricaine hit. wtf

Somebody had a grudge against black people. Maybe not "Dubya", okay. But maybe so, Katrina was the only thing he was hesitant towards. The only thing.

New Divide - Linkin Park

Looks like they're back =). I'm happy...You happy?

youtube went widescreen. keeewl!
&& Mike Shinoda recently had his second art show. Pretty cool stuff, I like his artistic vision a lot.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The clipse feat. Kanye West: Kinda like a big deal video

The Clipse just doesn't appeal to me. But Mr. West, Mr. West, Mr. West.

Young, dumb, high strung. Who can handle us?

From an innovators standpoint Dee and Ricky are admirable. From an economists standpoint these two are considered despicable. Personally I see little issue with how others choose to spend their money but, I guess others think that the twins (Dee and Ricky) are wrong from a moral standpoint..for wanting to make money?

You gotta love a recession, right?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I wish I had a camera. My Posts would be soo less wordy. lmao

Man, this week was a straight up blessing. Maybe I'm exagerating I don't know, so just to be safe I'll say it fucking rocked. Yeaah, it did.

Throughout the week, there were moments (including the hours of immeasurable fun) where people would ask, "How does it feel? How does it feel to be graduating, trent?" And honestly, I couldn't answer that question so easily. There a lot of things that I could have said with no hesitation. Like: "It feels regular," or "I feel relieved," or even "It feels like a new start." All of those things were what initially came to mind when people would ask. But, I just didn't feel as though that was a good enough answer.

I thought about it, not hard, but i did. Because I know what the feeling is, I just don't know how to word it exactly. And it's funny because usually I'm pretty articulate with the way I feel. But it's hard to just articulate a feeling you've never ever felt before.

This is the gist of it:
My graduation was long, I fell asleep, and at the end I tossed my hat up in the air (like a dickhead) and it landed somewhere in the back of the auditorium never to return. Bill Cosby spoke there, and said some real shit too. He talked about individuality; Like fuck 268....or '09, it's not about that anymore. It's about who you are. I agreed with him 100%. Matter fact, I've agreed with that principal all my life. But none of that had anything to do with the realization i've come to make.

As a surprise, a friend of mine came to see me graduate from VA. She stayed with me and my family for like 3 days. (It was a pleasant surprise, just thought I'd say thank you to Kendra for that...Both of yall ;]) She helped me realize a lot. Romantically, Philosophically, and Spiritually as well. She never really dropped any jewels on me on purpose, but just observing her way of thinking, and listening to what her life's like taught me how shit is entirely different after High School.

Just this week, everything that was important to me before switched roles to the things that weren't so important to me. My "fuck the world" mentality seemed to completely vanish (snap your fingers) that quick. At my Grad party, which was only expected to be a small gathering, turned out to be like the happiest day of my life. A big portion of my family showed up, almost none of them empty handed. A couple old elementary school friends showed up. Some brand new friends, and a couple best friends. (Most of my closest friends couldn't make it. lol How ironic.) I didn't do much but eat and clean up after my guests and my own clumsy ass. But just watching everyone that I love together, having an exceptionally good time for the sake of my first big accomplishment made me happy.

It's unsettling to say happy because i feel as though it's an understatement. But, I did feel happiness, just an entirely new type of happiness that i've never felt before. But nonetheless, it feels great though. I'm ready to finally dwell in a much larger world that doesn't revolve around me.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Things to do this Summer

1. Obtain a BMX bike

2. Discover the cure for Stupidity

3. Listen to Plies entire discography and translate at least one song

4. Go to New York

5. Get this Photography job.

6. Compile all of my writing into one book

7. Purchase either my Raf Simons or Marc Jacobs Backpack

8. Sleep on the beach

9. Watch every episode of River Monsters

10. Figure out what it is that makes bloggers tick. haha.

11. Make it into the newspaper. (This may or may not happen. Don't get your hopes up)

12. Buy every shoe that I've wanted this past year

13. Throw that benefit barbeque

14. Convince Trent to finish that design

15. Purchase a new laptop.

16. Sell every sb that I never ended up wearing

17. Watch Entourage in it's entirety

18. Write the guide to face book girls

19. Contact my room mate

20. Visit Estetiks again.

21 Frequent Abakus again.

22. Write a list about things I will never do

23. Write a list about everything I plan to do, much like this one, much longer

24. Send MTV a letter threatening them for ever featuring Lil Wayne' on Mtv Jams

25. Send 100.3 a letter berating them for referring to Lil Wayne as the devil

26. Send Lil Wayne a letter asking why

27. Send Lupe Fiasco a letter begging him not to leave. And telling him that if he does plan on leaving, he should drop his album before everyone forgets that he was here to begin with

28. Send Kanye West a letter telling him that I know he made 808's and Heartbreaks in order for me to smoke and chill to.

29. Send Akon a letter asking him why it sounds as if he has a harmonica in his throat. And letting him know that we're all aware that he was a Convict now, so that he won't have to say it anymore.

30. Run out of postage stamps

31. Ride my bike downtown when it isn't terribly hot

32. Buy a tripod

33. Buy a fish eye lens

34. Make an inventory list for my closet.

35. Fall in love with something intangible, again.

36. Be in the background of some episode of Maestro Knows

37. Throw a kick back on my roof top

38. Write something so profound that someone other than Tyler will comment it. haha

39. Realize that I will not see 83% of 268 again

40. Serenade someone in a public place, obnoxiously.

41. Dance like someone from the South, while wearing a tall tee

43. Read a thought provoking novel

44. Convince everyone that bootcut jeans are not the way to go, ever.

45. Wake up at 5 pm

46. Have an all day passenger excursion

47. Throw a surprise party

48. Bring throwbacks back.

49. Establish a signature phrase

50. Make a #42


Being able to travel around the city whenever I feel like it is a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I realize that not everyone has been granted the freetime or funds to do this, and a curse because I always manage to see one thing that makes my stomach churn and turn over. Normally (actually nine times out of ten) it is the same thing.

Oily hair, dirty faces, and soiled clothing are seemingly transparent to the people who walk over them, and avoid eye contact with anyone deemed less than worth caring about by society. Adults and teenagers alike, shopping bags in hand, change in pocket that will probably be lost in the washing machine anyway. By no means are they obligated to our money but as human beings they're deserving of our attention.

Heading to the Kimmel Center yesterday, wrapped in cap in gown "Congratulations" echoed the entire street. Acknowledged by thank you's and smiles. But when we reached the corner of Chestnut Street my friend chose to ignore one particular greeting.Instead of getting angry the man sitting on a dirty blanket with an empty cup in his hand spoke calmly instead,"A well wish is a well wish no matter where it comes from. I had a daughter who graduated too.". My friend didn't turn nor did she show any signs of having heard anything at all, she just crossed the street.

I've been that one, I've said "Get a job" Before I even had thoughts of employment for myself.Downtown there are droves and droves of teenagers clad in the latest "streetwear" or Ralph Lauren saying the same thing, when they're walking around spending their parents money. And if they're not spending their parents money, they're spending money of theirs that doesn't have to go to mortgages, rent, car payments, heating bills, hospital bills, etc. Our generation has nothing of the sort to worry about, so it seems like helping others should be a given, right? You shouldn't have to have your arm twisted or ears pulled to give a meal and a smile, right?

My gripes aren't just limited to the homeless, but a sense of apathy for humanity period. I don't support many local clothing ventures or party teams for the same reason. Really, really I could care less about any brand that is benefiting no one other than it's few team members and has no standing whatsoever. There are children in Haiti forced to eat cookies made of dirt because there is nothing else to fill their stomachs, and we're expected to throw our money at your mediocre designs and ideas..why?

A benefit barbeque is in the making. Featuring local artists and brands. We Ride Septa's yet to be announced brand will also be in full force. All proceeds from said brand and admissions will be going towards a yet to be determined charity.

Look forward to more information in the coming weeks.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Graduation/North Carolina

Last Friday I graduated and im not really hype like everyone else,shame right? I guess my minds been past high school for awhile now. Either way I found out one of my instructional supervisors was a sneakerhead so it was cool.


After graduation me and my family headed down to North Carolina for my cousins graduation, parking lot parties and other country ass activites lol. I also got alot of shit but the only things that i was really really hype about were these........



The G shock was a gift from my big sister :]

Oh I'll Be Late For That.

gdotford09 (10:49:40 PM): we bout to make this move
Thatwasha615 (10:50:19 PM): you ready?

Such a nice day. Talking to Geebabyy93 to wrap up a nice day. She's amazing.



I've been soaking my denim a lot lately.

Pretty much my room now.



Curt@!n$: Tomorrow Video

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Graduation: The Soundtrack (As Told By Trent Dunlap)

I woke up a little earlier than I had expected. Maybe it was due to the yelp of my Grandmother's loud voice screaming GOOD MORNING at the top of her lungs from the other side of the door. I opened my eyes slightly, and kept concealed in my mind the feeling of exasperation first thing in the morning. As I looked over to my phone on the dresser to check what time it was, I noticed that I left the T.V. on. Sports center was on. It was on mute but all I saw was Kobe Bryant wearing a base ball cap and holding a trophie being ambushed by an army of confetti. Then, the word CHAMPION just jutted out of the blue. (They won? Awesome!) "Good Morning," I replied with little enthusiasm. I had to go piss so I got up and walked to the bathroom. I was very tired and it was obvious I didn't get enough sleep. My eye lids were heavy as shit, I couldn't walk in a straight line for like the first three steps, And the my grandmother's voice squealing downstairs about breakfast was making my head pound relentlessly. I look into the mirror just above the bathroom sink, and see nothing but red in my eyes. I run some cold water, splash that shit on my face. Then run some hot water, splash that shit on my face, then just roar out a nice "AHH!, fucking HOT!" then splash some cold water back on my face; cool that shit off.

At this point, I'm wide awake. I just had like 3 different major sensations on the skin of my face and I'm fully alert now, basically. The cold-hot-cold water method had me pumped, so I bussed out like 40 push-ups. Damn, I could feel my chest getting STRONGER already. And it's poking out a little. I WONDER if the ladies'll notice ;). After I brush my teeth and whatnot and what have you, I get dressed and run down the steps to bye to my grandmom and explain how I can't eat breakfast this morning because I have to go downtown and get to GRADUATION rehearsal on time/(I don't like her cooking or her dirty plates). I'm kinda rushing because I'm meeting Nya at Broad & Olney though...atleast i wasn't lying about that.

When Nya and I get to the Kimmel Center, a sense of....Nostalgia runs through my system. The place is built to near perfection, it's air conditioned, and there are attendants at every doorway welcomming you and telling you where to go. Ahhhh, the GOOD LIFE. I walk in the auditorium and see like the whole class just chillin, waiting for rehearsal to start. One of the ushers, some old german guy, tried to direct me to my seat. He was telling me where to go but he had the thickest accent and I couldn't understand a word he was saying. I told him, "Look, I know your trying to help me, but if your not going to speak a little more clearly then you CAN'T TELL ME NOTHING." No offense to the guy, just didn't know what the fuck he was saying. I help myself to a seat near a good freind, then out of nowhere BARRY BONDS just comes swinging down from the right side of the theatre on a rope. He let go when he made it to the balcony on the right side of the theatre then ran into the darkness never to return. How awesome.

I'm looking around to see how many DRUNK AND HOT GIRLS i'm going to make out with at the GRADUATION party tonight. This is going to be the greatest day of my life! Everyone's just having the greatest time, just from simply being in the presence of one another just talking to each other and enjoying ourselves. Every where you looked, there was picture being taken. Freinds taking pictures with each other, freinds taking pictures of seperate groups of freinds, people taking random "candid" picks of people without them knowing it, everything! I fucked around and looked to my left and saw Nya with her Nikon just taking flicks, jutting all these FLASHING LIGHTS in my face. It was awesome.

I didn't get a chance to read my yearbook so I opened it up and saw signatures galore. All the notes from people telling me how they love EVERYTHING I AM made me smile. I damn near shed a tear. Almost, not quite. After I soaked myself in THE GLORY of being loved by so many people, I started to mingle with all my class of '09 buddies and associates and whatnot. I was soo, caught up in the moment. Telling people i don't really bang with that we should chill over the summer when I damn well I won't be seeing them 'till next year's HOMECOMMING game. lol

Graduation day arrives, and everything is oh so special. My family is together, everyone's happy, and everyone's giving me a shitload of money (CHI-CHING!!). As I put on my cap and gown and get ready to head off to commencement. I see my dad pointing at me from accross the room smiling with my baby bro in his arms saying, "See that man right there? That's your BIG BROTHER. He's a talented man, definately goin' places."

Yeaah, definately.

"Homie this shit is basic, welcome to graduation." -Kanye West

Stussy Ren & Stimpy

Seven (maybe eight) years old and without any desires that mattered, I was never allowed to watch Ren and Stimpy. At least when my Mom was around. And the only times when my Sister and I would dare to watch it was when our Baby sitter fell asleep. That's right. No Late night HBO or dirty magazines for me. The beginning moments of my defiance were characterized by two species-less cartoon animals. Ren and Stimpy until the very end.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Dear summer,

With finals over and the end of school approaching, reality set in that I'm getting older and life is actually starting to matter. Big ups to the class of '09, I'm really gonna miss a lot of you guys, and being in high school with you guys for less than two years was too short. From all the friends I made the day I got into high school to the ones I just met yesterday, I wish you the best of luck in college and life.

But let us not forget, school is pretty much over. Hello darling summer.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

So I guess this is goodbye

Coming home from my classes "Senior Picnic" today (which was plagued by rain, cold, and watered-down beverages)I walked into the house and wanted nothing more but to sleep. You know as well as I do that it never seems to happen that way so, before heading up the stairs I glanced at the mail pile and noticed a little orange and blue emblem, making it a letter from Virginia State. Still wanting a nap, and maybe to chase it with a shower afterwards I reluctantly opened the letter.

The years prior to 12th grade I'd never pictured myself getting into any type of University, let alone having a room mate. Here I am seven months later, a week away from palming a diploma, saying final goodbyes, opening letters with information on my room mate and subsequently, prepping for my "College Journey".

Thirteen years of education folks! The New Jersey public elementary system, a prestigious Private School that I'm happy to be out of, and finally the Philadelphia School district. It seems like just yesterday that I was laying out on the grass during my first day of Kindergarten wondering if my classmates would like me. Today I rode a yellow bus probably for the last time in my life (unless for whatever reason I become a bus driver or teacher). Yesterday and the day before we received cap and gown as well as our beautiful yearbook. All of it was bittersweet and while I may have complained about the school year casting itself out into the ranks of infinity and eternity,apart of me wishes that I could rewind back to the first day of Freshmen year.

Like it or not Central High school is known throughout the Country. When visiting Texas I had on a Central t-shirt and was asked, "what class number?". That is all types of warm fuzzying, mind boggling kind of love. Truth be told we're not the best academic high school in the city, I can recognize that. But, in terms of diversity, athletics, and everything else on the scale there is quite honestly no place that I'd rather have been. Over the years I've gained friends to lose some, been to places that others could only talk about, and learned things about myself that would have remained a mystery had it not been for Central. Next week is the end of the Two Hundred and Sixty Eigth Classes circuit together but, as I was telling a friend earlier:

nygetm0ney (10:34:13 PM): I'll miss everyone too
nygetm0ney (10:34:36 PM): but we're moving forwards in our lives to do wonderful things and to change the world in different ways. Really really, we are the future that we seek.
nygetm0ney (10:34:47 PM): and we have to get there in order to change it
nygetm0ney (10:34:48 PM): :)

In less than four months I'll be out of my Mt. Airy Castle, away from the downtown scene of Philadelphia, an alumnus of Central High School and no longer an employee of Metropolitan Bakery. All to be thrown to the lions of the real world. Well, to be thrown to the kittens of College Life, within the gates of a Medium sized University in the small town of Petersburg Virginia. Although I imagine myself traveling to Richmond and Carytown on the weekends now, and transferring to a school in California after my first year..I really have no idea what life has in store for me. Regardless I plan to embrace it with arms wide open.

-To the 268th class. It's been a pleasure spending my last four years with you, through hour long assemblies, fires in lockers and trash cans, scan fees, metal detectors, broken computers, and anything else that we were put against, I don't regret a moment of it.

Next Wednesday will mark the very first day of the rest of our lives, as will Tomorrow. Accomplish what you will.

"We are the future that we seek."- Barack Obama

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm on a mutha f***ing boat!

Just Press play.

Im On A Boat - The Lonely Island

Now, when I listen to this song a lot of things come to mind. Such as: "Are you joking?" or "Are you SERIOUS?" It seems like people just want to be as retarded as they possibly can be to make a catchy Hook. Good thing this isn't actually serious (the song, along with several others, were written by Comedians), but it's not much different from what we hear on the radio like EVERY DAY!

SMH. (not at you Lonely Island)
It's a shame how many songs that we hear daily sounding like this and they're not even meant to be funny.


Monday, June 8, 2009

American Apparel

The man

Defending the price of American Apparel clothing gets old, the reason itself however, does not. Paying Fifteen dollars for a simple single colored t-shirt can seem very unreasonable, I understand that. But, at the same time I understand that if I were to buy the Five dollar alternative there's a chance that someone (some millions across the globe) were exploited in order to make it.

Not that I should be the moral compass of anyone considering I have enough (sweatshop manufactured) sneakers to armor a small football team but, there is also no competitive market for brand-free, sweatshop-free footwear. When one comes about I will be more than willing to throw my money at it, regret free. Until then however my wardrobe will be primarily Nike and American Apparel.

The look of the store definitely throws people off. I cannot tell you how many times I have been downtown with a male friend and they've refused to step a leather clad foot inside of American Apparel because they're afraid of being seen browsing the "all white store with gay colors". Side note: When you put any color with any other four, I guess it's considered to be gay.. The ads for the store also play a hand in throwing people off and not just those who aren't comfortable with their sexuality. Dov Charney (above) is no stranger to sexual solicitation (there is a chance that I did not word that correctly). What I mean to say is that "Sex sells" and Mr. Charney is obviously aware of it. He's also been sued for sexual harassment at least twice. At any rate see through tank tops, t-shirts, whatever. You want a little bit of skin, and he'll give it to you. Neutrality suits me best when talking about the chosen advertisement, conflicting opinions are never a good look.

Gay and Immigration rights. The latter doesn't pull on my wallet quite as much as the first but, there is something to be said for a Company not afraid of displaying their beliefs about human rights. Undoubtedly this limits their market. Nonetheless they continue to do it, without shame or obscurity. Shirts reading "Legalize Gay" and "Legalize LA" are displayed in the front of every store (at least on Walnut street and in King Of Prussia). It is not a revolutionary idea by any means because countless others have the same exact thought but, both statements are unheard of in the Mass Market.

Every stitch of the clothing is manufactured in Los Angeles where the workers are paid fairly. Sewers in third world Countries make little under a dollar hourly, while the sewers at American Apparel are making twelve dollars an hour. Wearing clothing made on the home front by workers who don't have better opportunities or living environments doesn't make me special by any means. Regardless it's nice to know that I am supporting a brand rooted with some of the same moral values that I hold precedence to.

Sunday, June 7, 2009